The Max Resistance Round Table – 06/02/15

MRLogoTonight’s guest, FixedByDoc, discussed different types of clothing for different seasons, and the contents of a bug out bag for yourself and for your dog. He recommends Roughwear or Ray Allen brand at roughly $400-450 for his dog, and $2000 for himself.

He recommends Mountain Hardware or Granite Gear for quality and durability. If cost is a factor, one could look in a military surplus store – he recommends non-military patterns (civilian or solid) and then purchasing a camouflage poncho. This is multi-purpose and serves many purposes – as an extra layer, a camouflage for your gear, or as a blind.

He recommends a titanium or stainless steel mess kit- he uses MSR and a Vargo Woodstove.
UpNorth gave instruction for a Dakota hole which is dug in the ground – with an air hole and cooking directly in there using tinfoil and a flour and salt lining, placing meat/fish/potatoes etc. inside.

Night Vision Training:
Doc recommends training for eyes to see in the dark without a flash light – doing exercise drills with a predetermined destination. Eventually your eyes will adjust and this will come in very useful if batteries run out.

Clothing choices for undergarments should be smart wool of cotton/spandex/lycra blends- in particular underwear. He recommends “Darn Tough” socks as they are extremely durable. As for underwear, he recommends a cotton blend and then you should wash at night and allow to dry by the fire (should dry quickly). Upnorth re-iterated the rule to take care of your feet and keep dry as possible. Doc uses a rule of 3 for clothing – two for walking, one for sleeping – letting the one outfit dry in rotation. Rule of 4 for socks.

For head-wear – he uses a polypro beanie in winter or a full brim heavy duty cotton in summer (or leather if it is raining). Military issue hats are also good quality.

Addresses the question:
Does Cotton kill? Answer: No ignorance does. Don’t be foolhardy in your choices of where to walk. (see video for further info)

Discussed the full process of composting toilet, time-frame for aging, risks of snakes moving in and garden application.

Doc expressed his disappointment with his local militia as the leadership has changed and is kicking out anyone who speaks out defending the constitution.

Jade Helm:
Doc said that most likely Jade Helm started a year ago as troops need full training. There have already been drills – ie. Special Forces in Florida. Doc expresses concern because Active Duty with Live Fire is responsible for a great deal of accidents (and suicides?) Training is being done in urban areas to train troops to get accustomed to urban warfare. The citizenry is being trained to accept military in the streets, knocking on their doors etc. by process of incremental assimilation.

We also discussed how curious it is that Texas opted out of the drill and their background of wanting to secede from the States so they could possibly be a target of Weather Warfare.
There are number of ways they are looking to promulgate a civil war including race baiting.
UpNorth advocated gaining practical skills that you can offer to the community.

Doc discussed how the military will approach – that people will be grouped according to resistance. It’s possible, if you co-operate,you will be allowed to stay in your residence. He said that at some point during this exercise, the military may claim that that they need additional assistance at which time – they will probably bring in the UN troops. They will relocate National Guard troops outside of their state to make it easier for them to detain or shoot civilians.

SOS discussed Wolf’s hearing tomorrow and told us that the Newtown BOE let Wolf speak to them, it was a packed meeting. Wolf specifically addressed the issues around the kids appearance at the Superbowl and how no notice, bulletins or permissions were granted.  A lot of the Newtown parents didn’t know either, leaving the question: “Who went to the Superbowl?” Apparently the BOE were agitated and anxious and this impressed the Fox news crew so much that they are going to attend the hearing tomorrow. J.B. Well’s team will be there to film and there will be a local resident who will endeavor to provide us a livestream.


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The Max Resistance Round Table is a way to bring many channels who may not ordinarily connect from Youtube, Facebook and other social mediums together. While bringing many perspectives forward, we are open to a honest and fair conversation with a variety of heavy hitters from the “truth community” to discuss current events, past events, the state of this country and the lies that are being force fed to everyone within.

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