Was a Megalithic site discovered in SE Wisconsin?

By TheRundownLive


Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

Is a SE Wisconsin state forest attraction known as the “Brady’s Rocks” really a megalithic site?

Many believe these structures are the result of glaciers. The structures in the video look at times well organized and have accurate angles.

The history in the area is very broken and the area allegedly was home to many tribes over the last few thousand years.

If the Brady Rocks are remains of a megalithic structure it would not be alone. Wisconsin is also home to the Aztalan Effigy Mounds.

The Aztalan Wisconsin location dates back to around 1,300 CE and is believed to have been inhabited by the Mississippian culture by examining the artifacts found at the location. Although no one is really sure who built the structure that looks almost pyramid like at times.



Car Hacked Using a Laptop and On Star

By TheRundownLive


Kristan T Harris | The Rundown Live

According to the report by CBS, DARPA engineers have hacked an Impala’s OnStar system using a laptop, transmitted data that confused the vehicle’s computer, and then planted a virus that allowed it to reprogram control systems on the Engine Control Unit(ECU).

The malicious software allowed the laptop user to do everything from turn on the windshield wipers, honk the horn, and even control the throttle and brakes, directing the Impala through the line of cones.

DARPA, the government agency responsible for these tests, are working to eliminate vulnerability to these vehicles.

“Cars today are loaded with computers networked to each other, and those can be hacked remotely. In a dramatic demonstration, he and his colleagues use a laptop computer to hack into a car being driven by Stahl. Much to her surprise, they were able to take control of many of the car’s functions, including the braking and acceleration.”, CBS reported.


Liberty Under Attack – 02/08/15

LUAlogoOn our first show on the Freedom Phalanx Radio Network, we provide backgrounds and introductions, discuss the War on Terror (otherwise known as the Terror War) and 9/11 in depth, and also touch on Full Spectrum Dominance. We lay it all out for you, the listener, in hopes that you will conduct your own investigation and begin questioning the world around you.

Liberty Under Attack is committed to the truth and freedom. Plain and simple. We are firm believers in the fact that there is nothing new under the sun, and that those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. Surely, both of those are true and it’s very evident when looking at everything going on in the world. LUA is here to break down the events happening, prove to you who is behind it, with documentation, and assist you with connecting the dots.

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Sundays 7:00pm-9:00pm Eastern


American Centurion Radio – 02/08/15

ACRlogosmallTonight Mark and Brice talk about the NFA, the King of Jordan and his ass kicking addiction and Barry. Things get a little random and Brice has a laughing fit.




American Centurion Radio is the broadcast wing of a network of American manufactures and businesses working in the firearms and outdoor industries dedicated to combating outsourcing. The host Mark A. Thompson and his cadre of guest hosts will be discussing firearms related issues centered on Implements, Proficiency and Innovation as well as 2nd Amendment news and issues, American made product and politics. Callers are always welcome to join the conversation on ACR with questions or comments.

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Sundays 4:30pm-6:30pm Eastern


Antibacterial Soap Is So Dangerous, This U.S. State Just Banned It

By The Rundown Live

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Thomas Nelson | HigherPerspective

The governor of Minnesota has declared that any products sold in the state must be free of the chemical known as triclosan.

Governor Mark Dayton signed a measure banning the antibacterial chemical triclosan from products that are sold in the state. Triclosan is found in tons of personal care products, from body wash to dish soap to toothpaste to acne medication. There are 2,000 products that contain triclosan, and more are on the way.

So what’s so bad about triclosan?

Some studies have shown that triclosan causes hormone imbalances in animals. What could it be doing to us? Also, there’s a very real worry that triclosan-laced antibacterial soap will assist the rise of deadly antibiotic-resisting superbugs.

“In order to prevent the spread of infectious disease and avoidable infections and to promote best practices in sanitation, no person shall offer for retail sale in Minnesota any cleaning product that contains triclosan and is used by consumers for sanitizing or hand and body cleansing,” the law states.

Megacompanies like Colgate-Palmolive, DuPont and Dow are trying to lobbyist their way out of this ban, claiming that states shouldn’t be able to enact bans like this – only on the federal level.

The law is set to go into effect in 2017.

The post Antibacterial Soap Is So Dangerous, This U.S. State Just Banned It appeared first on Higher Perspective.

Read more here:: Antibacterial Soap Is So Dangerous, This U.S. State Just Banned It


Credit Card Companies to Switch to EMV Chips by October 2015

By TheRundownLive


Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

Top business executives told the senate in a Judiciary Committee hearing this week that by October of 2015 all newly issued credit cards will be micro-chipped in order to reduce credit card fraud.

Credit card companies are dubbing this the end of the “swipe-and-sign and the beginning of the chip-and-PIN”.

Executives told the senate that “once the country transitions to the new system — which includes credit cards embedded with a microchip containing security data — these kind of hacking attacks will be much more difficult to pull off.”, in an article published by the Wall Street Journal.

The new global standard will be known as EMV(Europay, MasterCard, Visa) according to MasterCard’s company expert, Carolyn Balfany.

According to EMV’s website the new cards will come mounted with a metallic square on the front of an EMV contact card is known as the card’s contact plate. A microprocessor chip is embedded in a small cavity directly behind the contact plate, protected by a thin resin capsule. When inserted into a card acceptance device, such as a terminal, the contact plate allows the chip to connect to a reader. This connection enables the chip to get power from and exchange data with the terminal.

Businesses and banks who do not upgrade quickly to the new system will be heavily penalized by a new “transfer of liability“. The new system will allow credit card companies to transfer liability of credit card fraud to your local businesses and banks. If your local store is not up to date with all the new global standard payment system technology, it will become financially responsible for fraudulent purchases done with a stolen credit card.

“Our roadmap is what’s known as the ‘liability shift.’ Whenever card fraud happens, we need to determine who is liable for the costs. When the liability shift happens, what will change is that if there is an incidence of card fraud, whichever party has the lesser technology will bear the liability.”, said Balfany.

“So if a merchant is still using the old system, they can still run a transaction with a swipe and a signature. But they will be liable for any fraudulent transactions if the customer has a chip card. And the same goes the other way – if the merchant has a new terminal, but the bank hasn’t issued a chip and PIN card to the customer, the bank would be liable.”

Although the goal is to reduce credit card fraud, some technology websites, such as Wired, have called the new “secure” technology “flawed” and “vulnerable” to computer hackers by showing how easy it would be to steal a million dollars from multiple credit cards.


Was Bruce Lee Murdered?

By The Rundown Live

Was Bruce Lee Murdered?

Was Bruce Lee Murdered?

Bruce Lee died unexpectedly and tragically young – and for a man so incredibly healthy as he was, there was no satisfactory explanation for his death. Officially a victim of an allergic reaction to painkillers, could there be more to his mysterious death than we’re told?

Music = Eastern Empire by Darren Leigh Perkiss


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Michigan Proposes Death Penalty for Killing an Officer- Furthering Special Treatment for Police

By TheRundownLive

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Cassandra Rules | FreeThoughtProject

Frankenmuth, MI– Senators in Michigan, the first state to ban capital punishment, have proposed a constitutional amendment allowing the death penalty for the first-degree murder of an on-duty police or corrections officer.

The resolution is sponsored by Sen. Virgil Smith, a Democrat, but also has backing from the top two Republicans in the GOP-controlled Senate. The divisive bill would require a 2/3 majority vote in both chambers before it would be put on the statewide ballot.

“I feel like if you shoot a police officer, you’re probably the worst of the worst criminal we have out there,” said Sen. Virgil Smith.

“If you’re willing to go that far, there’s no telling what you’d be willing to do. So no mercy at that point.”

The mother of Trooper Paul Butterfield, Jr., who was killed in the line of duty in September of 2013 spoke to WNEM stating her mixed feelings on the matter.

“When you’re talking about the murder of a police officer, many times those are spur of the moment things that happen, you’re caught in a situation, you don’t have time to think I may go to prison, or I may be sent to the death penalty,” Butterfield said.

Butterfield does not believe that the threat of capital punishment would have deterred her son’s killer, who was sentenced to life in prison without parole, but ended up hanging himself in his cell last spring.

Republican Senator Rick Jones, who spent 30 years working in a County Sheriff’s Office, was shot at twice during his time with the department and is adamantly against the proposal.

“I opposed it because occasionally the system makes a mistake,” Jones told MLive, noting that a Lansing man was convicted for killing a community college professor in 2005 but was later exonerated when new evidence was discovered.

“We cannot dig a man up and say, ‘Sorry, we made a mistake,’” said Jones. “We could release an innocent man from prison.”

There has never been any evidence that capital punishment deters crime. In the heat of the moment crimes, there is rarely time to sit down and weigh your pros and cons.

Another facet to consider is the ramification of no-knock raids.

In Texas, where the death penalty is legal, there were two nearly identical cases of SWAT officers being killed within a six-month-time frame. Both men fired on the officers, who had allegedly not identified themselves as police, believing they were acting in self-defense against intruders.

One of the men was cleared of any wrongdoing after it was decided he acted in self-defense, the other is currently facing the death penalty. The cases are nearly identical in nature, even down to the time of the morning that they occurred. The only difference being the man facing execution is black.

In a system as corrupt and as damaged as ours, should we really put human lives even deeper into the hands of our crooked state?

As of 11 pm on Friday, February 6, KilledByPolice.net has logged 110 people killed by police since the first of the year.

The Officer Down Memorial Page lists zero officers killed by suspects.

With numbers like those, it is truly astonishing witnessing the audacity of these senators who are trying to grant further special treatment to these men and women who can already kill with impunity.

Police lives matter? You don’t have to tell us, we can see that. It would be nice if everyone else’s lives mattered, too.

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Study: Marijuana Effectively Treats Depression

By The Rundown Live

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Thomas Nelson | HigherPerspective

A new study has confirmed what many have known for decades – that marijuana can effectively treat different mental health conditions like Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and chronic pain.

Neuroscientists at the University of Buffalo’s Research Institute on Addictions found that endocannabinoids, which are chemical compounds in the brain that active THC receptors, may help treat depression that has resulted from chronic stress.

While studying rats, researchers found that chronic stress reduced the production of endocannabinoids, which affect our cognition, emotion and behavior, and have been linked to reduced feelings of pain and anxiety, increases in appetite and overall feelings of well-being. This reduction of endocannabinoids showed to be a risk factor for developing depression.

“Using compounds derived from cannabis — marijuana — to restore normal endocannabinoid function could potentially help stabilize moods and ease depression,” lead researcher Dr. Samir Haj-Dahmane said in a university press release.

Additional research about the impact of marijuana on PTSD further bolstered the neuroscientists’ findings. A study published last year in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology showed that cannabinoids triggered changes in the brain that prevented the behavioral and psychological symptoms of PTSD.

Unfortunately, it’s a two way street with depression and marijuana. Some research has shown heavy marijuana smokers to be at a higher risk for the development of depression. More studies are needed to corroborate this finding.

The post Study: Marijuana Effectively Treats Depression appeared first on Higher Perspective.

Read more here:: Study: Marijuana Effectively Treats Depression


New Study: Cops With College Degrees Are Less Likely to Use Force Against Citizens

By TheRundownLive

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Matt Agorist | FreeThoughtProject

A new study out of Michigan State University proposes an eye-opening correlation between college educated police officers and their actions as cops.

The study suggests that college-educated police experience higher rates of job dissatisfaction. The study also suggests that police officers with college degrees are more likely to have adverse views of their supervisors and don’t necessarily favor community policing.

But perhaps the most compelling facet of this MSU study is the evidence that college-educated officers are less likely to use force on citizens.

The study analyzed data from 2,109 police officers in seven metropolitan police departments. Although none of the departments required a degree, 45 percent of the officers surveyed, possessed one.

Interestingly, the study showed that the type of degree the officer received made no difference in the level of job dissatisfaction.

“Our latest results on police views might lead one to question whether a college education is beneficial for officers,” said William Terrill, professor at MSU’s School of Criminal Justice and co-author of the study. “But our research is a mixed bag, and you have to take into account the behavioral effect as well. If you use less force on individuals, your police department is going to be viewed as more legitimate and trustworthy and you’re not going to have all the protests we’re having across the country.”

Today’s policing, Terrill said, “is much more about social work than it is law enforcement. It’s about resolving low-level disputes, dealing with loiterers and so on.” Officers with experience in psychology, sociology and other college-taught disciplines might be more adept at addressing these issues, according to the study.

This study from MSU tends to corroborate the reasoning behind the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit condoning the ability of police departments to discriminate against smart people.

The main argument cited by the court for the decision to allow police departments the ability to discriminate is that smart people experienced more job dissatisfaction.

However, knowing that educated cops tend to be less violent and to know that departments can legally refuse to hire officers with higher intelligence, one can now have a better understanding of the police state in which we currently find ourselves.

A smart person does not create a domestic standing army and call it freedom.

A smart person does not deliberately tear gas journalists. A smart person does not point a rifle an innocent person and tell them that they are going to kill him. A smart person does not severely beat a person with down syndrome because he sees a bulge in his pants, which is actually a colostomy bag. A smart person does not continuously shoot at an unarmed man who posed no threat and whose arms are in the air.

Another study should be conducted that takes a look at departments who have a majority of college-educated officers and compare the level of force used to another department with a majority of officers who are not college-educated.

Perhaps the level of job satisfaction would increase if the departments were made up of intelligent people who are less likely to use force. Maybe, just maybe, the act of policing a society could be done with acumen and compassion instead of ignorance and brute force. One can certainly dream.

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