Water Softening And Its Impact On The Environment

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NaturalBlaze | The Rundown Live

Water softeners have become a popular item for many homeowners who live in areas where hard water deposits coming from their tap water can negatively everything from plumbing to appliances. Since most of us don’t need to worry about whether or not our supply of water coming from the local water treatment facility is safe to drink, the next step is to make sure it won’t damage our appliances or pipes, and that it tastes good.

The Basics of Hard Water

The term ‘hard water’ is used to refer to any water that includes minerals. In fact, this type of water is a problem for more than 4 out of 5 households throughout the United States. While the minerals that are found in your water may differ from one place to another depending on your environment, the primary ones found in most hard water include:

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Iron
  • Silica
  • Manganese

In order to measure exactly how ‘hard’ your water is, experts will test the water to find out how many minerals are dissolved in one gallon of water, a measurement referred to using grains per gallon, or GPG. Water measuring more than 3 GPG is generally considered to be ‘hard’. If water measures less than 1 GPG it is classified as ‘soft’.

Hard water can impact our homes and lives in many different ways. These minerals often cause skin to dry out and soaps and detergents to work less effectively. As minerals continue to flow through appliances they build up and can eventually cause blockages and leaks. Appliances that use heat to operate, such as a washing machine or dishwasher, can get mineral buildup along the heating element that eventually causes it to malfunction.

How to Soften Water in Your Home

Rather than worrying about the impacts of hard water on your skin, appliances, and water pipes, many homeowners purchase water softeners to reduce mineral content. They come in two varieties: those that use salt and those that do not.

A salt-free system provides the same outcome, but rather than using salt to remove minerals from the water, it reduces surface tension in the water, turning minerals into crystal structures that won’t be able to bind to surfaces. This is also beneficial because these softeners don’t require electricity and can eliminate existing buildup inside pipes or appliances—something salt-based systems cannot do.

The total cost of ownership estimated by this salt-free water softener calculator projects how much water and money you can save in a year’s time, just by using a salt-free system.

Salt-based water softeners have a system that connects to the water supply, filtering water through a tank filled with beads that are negatively charged. Calcium and magnesium—with their positive charges—connect with the negative beads, then salt replaces the minerals and they are flushed away. While it is an effective way to remove minerals from your water supply, the salt that is used in the ion exchange cannot be reused, so homeowners must purchase salt regularly and continue refilling the softener system.

Benefits of Water Softening

When homeowners choose to install a water softening system in their home they derive many benefits, including:

  • Softer skin
  • Better lather for soaps and detergents so you use less and save money
  • Improved performance for your appliances
  • Cleaner clothes and dishes

If you are considering the benefits of a water softener, talk to a professional today about which option might work the best for your home.

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New Bill Would Have Teachers Diagnose Psychological Issues in Children and Report them to Police

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Jay Syrmopoulos | FreeThoughtProject

Dallas, Texas – Texas State Representative Jason Villalba (R-Dallas) has submitted yet another Orwellian proposal, H.B. 985.

Villalba first raised the ire of civil libertarians by proposing a bill, H.B. 2006, which would have eliminated the religious exemption for vaccination, essentially creating a forced government vaccination program without exception.

More recently, Villalba was thrust into the national spotlight when he proposed H.B. 2918, which would usurp citizens of the ability to hold law enforcement accountable for their actions. The bill would negate the people’s ability to create an accurate and impartial record of police interactions by restricting citizens from filming within 25 feet of an officer.

Now with H.B. 985, Villalba intends to give school officials the authority to force psychological screenings of students that teachers and staff diagnose as having mental health issues.

Once the process is set in motion by school officials, parents would be forced to take their child to a mental health professional within 30 days, under threat of suspension of the child from school.

“ …the requirement that the parent or guardian, before the expiration of the 30-day period, to avoid suspension of the student under this section, take the student to the nearest local mental health authority or a physician specializing in psychiatry to receive a mental health screening and a certificate of medical examination for mental illness, as described by Section 533.03522(c), Health and Safety Code, that contains the examining physician’s opinion that the student is not a danger to self or others.”

While under suspension the child would still receive an education, but they would be sent to an “alternative school.”

School administrators would be required under the law to provide the student’s name, address, and information regarding the complaint to the local mental health authorities and the police department upon verification of the complaint.

(i) A school counselor or a principal who receives notice
under. Subsection (b) about a student who subsequently is subject to
a notice of intent to suspend under Subsection (g) shall:
(1) provide the student’s name and address and
information concerning the conduct or statement that led to the
notice of intent to suspend to:
(A) the school district police department, if the
school counselor or principal is employed by a school district and
the district has a police department;
(B) the police department of the municipality in
which the school is located or, if the school is not in a
municipality, the sheriff of the county in which the school is
located; and
(C) the local mental health authority nearest the

Teachers have enough on their academic plates without them being forced to become armchair psychologists in the classroom.

Also, it is highly inappropriate and dangerous for unqualified teachers to play the role of child psychiatrists. Unless they’ve had special training and are certified to diagnose the disorders, it can also be illegal.

We are already witnessing the damage caused by parents believing teachers who think that every child who acts out in their classroom has ADHD. It’s called The Ritalin Explosion.

The idea that students’ personal information would be submitted to mental health facilities and police departments for complaints initiated and investigated by only school officials also causes serious concern.

Is it really necessary to criminalize kids based upon a teacher’s unprofessional assessment of a kids mental health? And what about the student that is mentally healthy, but simply defiant?

Perhaps rather than attempting to legislate away this perceived problem by criminalizing “problem” children, there is a better way. Villalba would have been better served by using his position to help create a program to build sustainable bridges of communication between parents and administrators that assist in identifying and combating mental health problems in students.

Instead, like so many tyrants before him, Villalba tries to solve complex problems using the force of the state.

h/t BrettSanders.me

Jay Syrmopoulos is an investigative journalist, freethinker, researcher, and ardent opponent of authoritarianism. He is currently a graduate student at University of Denver pursuing a masters in Global Affairs. Jay’s work has previously been published on BenSwann.com and WeAreChange.org. You can follow him on Twitter @sirmetropolis, on Facebook at Sir Metropolis and now on tsu.

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Is Opus Dei A Dangerous Cult?

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Is Opus Dei A Dangerous Cult?

They’re under 100 years old, but the secretive Opus Dei have already amassed considerable influence, wealth and notoriety as a cult branch of the Catholic Church. Was goes on behind their closed doors? Are the rumors of rituals and brainwashing true?

Music = Solemnis by Igor Dvorkin & Duncan Pittock; The Kremlin Vaults by Igor Dvorkin & Duncan Pittock

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Government Orders Banks to Call the Cops When Customers Withdraw $5,000 or More

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Jay Syrmopoulos | FreeThoughtProject

Washington, D.C. – In a clear escalation in the ongoing war on U.S. citizens, the Justice Department has recommended that bank employees snitch on customers attempting to withdraw more than $5,000.

Federal regulations already require banks to submit a “Suspicious Activity Report” (SAR) when, “Transactions conducted or attempted by, at, or through the bank (or an affiliate) and aggregating $5,000 or more…” according to the handbook for the Federal Financial Institution Examination Council.

The banks are required to fill a certain number of SAR reports every month. This forces them to file SARs for perfectly legal actions (such as withdrawing cash).

If using the banks as snitches, by having them file SARs on bank customers withdrawing over $5,000 dollars cash wasn’t intrusive enough, now the feds are advocating that bankers actually call law enforcement themselves.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

The U.S. Justice Department’s criminal head said banks may need to go beyond filing suspicious activity reports when they encounter a risky customer.

“The vast majority of financial institutions file suspicious activity reports when they suspect that an account is connected to nefarious activity,” said assistant attorney general Leslie Caldwell in a speech last Monday, according to prepared remarks.

“But, in appropriate cases, we encourage those institutions to consider whether to take more action: specifically, to alert law enforcement authorities about the problem.”

The remarks indicate that banks may be expected to do more than just file SARs, a responsibility that itself can be expensive and time-consuming.

Some banks already have close relationships with law enforcement, said Kevin Rosenberg, chair of Goldberg Lowenstein & Weatherwax LLP’s government investigation and white collar litigation group. Ms. Caldwell’s remarks “speak to moving forward in a more collaborative way,” said Mr. Rosenberg.

A tip-off from a bank about a suspicious customer could lead law enforcement to seize funds or start an investigation, Ms. Caldwell said.

Don’t think for a moment that the government won’t potentially utilize this as a means of simplifying the seizure of property from innocent people with zero due process.

Mac Slavo of SHFTplan.com writes:

“Do you need to withdraw cash to purchase a used car from a private seller? Or perhaps you are pulling out some emergency cash for a loved one.

Either one of these activities are now considered suspicious and if your cash withdrawal amounts to even a few thousand dollars your bank teller is under a legal requirement to alert officials about your suspected criminal activity. And before you argue that you can’t possibly be a suspect because you have done nothing wrong, consider that even being suspected of being a suspect is now enough to land you on a terrorist watchlist in America.”

In 2013, there was a substantial expansion of the terrorist watchlist system. It authorized a secret process that requires neither “concrete facts” nor “irrefutable evidence” to designate an American or foreigner as a terrorist, according to government documents obtained by The Intercept.

In police state USA, you can potentially receive a visit from the police, be put on a terror watch list, or have your assets seized for doing nothing other than simply withdrawing your hard earned cash from the bank in which you chose to store your currency.

Let that sink in for a moment. All of that for trying to withdraw your own money from a bank!

It’s always for “our” safety… always about safety.

Just give up a little bit more freedom and exchange it for the warm fuzzy feeling of safety. Exactly how much more liberty must we give up before we finally achieve the ever elusive maximum security?

Jay Syrmopoulos is an investigative journalist, freethinker, researcher, and ardent opponent of authoritarianism. He is currently a graduate student at University of Denver pursuing a masters in Global Affairs. Jay’s work has previously been published on BenSwann.com and WeAreChange.org. You can follow him on Twitter @sirmetropolis, on Facebook at Sir Metropolis and now on tsu.

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Video: TV Ad Airs Asking Military Drone Pilots to Stop Participating in War

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John Vibes | ANTIMEDIA

A television ad appeared on CNN, MSNBC and other mainstream networks asking drone pilots to stop participating in war. Watch the commercial now.

Las Vegas, NV – Earlier this month, a television ad appeared on CNN, MSNBC and other mainstream networks asking drone pilots to stop participating in war.

Nick Mottern, one of the creators of the ad is hoping to show how war is immoral and show what weaponized drones are actually capable of. Until now the only footage of drones to appear on mainstream television showed a view from very far away where the human carnage can not be seen.

“We produced this spot to make the point as powerfully as possible that drone killing is horrifying, illegal and immoral, Mottern said.

When people were exposed to the true carnage of war through the television footage of Vietnam, they were quickly motivated to demand an end to the war. In years since, the government has been careful to limit the images and videos that make their way home from the battlefield, at least through the mainstream media. It is more difficult for them to censor this reality from the internet, but that doesn’t stop them from trying.

Just this week it was reported that Google was suspending advertising revenue for Antiwar.com because they were publishing controversial photos that showed the brutality that American soldiers had been unleashing overseas. Google then offered to reinstate their advertising service if the website would unpublish their controversial photos.

The advertisement is only 15 seconds long, but it likely contains the most real footage of war that the mainstream media has broadcast in decades.

The ad in its entirety can be viewed below:

This article is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author and TheAntiMedia.org. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive our latest articles.

John Vibes is an author, researcher and investigative journalist who takes a special interest in the counter culture and the drug war. In addition to his writing and activist work he organizes a number of large events including the Free Your Mind Conference, which features top caliber speakers and whistle-blowers from all over the world. You can contact him and stay connected to his work at his Facebook page. You can find his 65 chapter Book entitled “Alchemy of the Timeless Renaissance” at bookpatch.com.

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Liberty Under Attack – 03/22/15

LUAlogoOn this broadcast of Liberty Under Attack radio, we cover some absurd news and discuss what freedom IS and what IT IS NOT. We discuss the fundamental wrongs of modern mankind and also give our thoughts and opinions on various subjects. We’ve relied heavily on documents and sources before, but this show is just the thoughts and opinions of your humble hosts. A couple of Bill Cooper clips are also featured in this broadcast.


Liberty Under Attack is committed to the truth and freedom. Plain and simple. We are firm believers in the fact that there is nothing new under the sun, and that those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. Surely, both of those are true and it’s very evident when looking at everything going on in the world. LUA is here to break down the events happening, prove to you who is behind it, with documentation, and assist you with connecting the dots.

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FBI Caught Letting Criminals Go Rather than Being Transparent About their Police Spy Program

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Matt Agorist | FreeThoughtProject

New York, NY — Stingray devices, generically known as international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI) catchers, are designed to emit a signal that is stronger than nearby cell phone towers in order to force phones in the vicinity to connect to them. Once connected, all call records, location data, text messages and metadata are accessible to those in control of the device.

This technology was originally developed for anti-terrorism operations by Harris Corporation but has been employed by police departments across the U.S. for use in standard police work.

New information shows that the FBI lets suspects in criminal cases go free rather than revealing the details of their use of stingray devices.

According to CNN Money:

Judge Patrick H. NeMoyer in Buffalo, New York, described a 2012 deal between the FBI and the Erie County Sheriff’s Office in his court order Tuesday: The FBI instructed the police to drop criminal charges instead of revealing “any information concerning the cell site simulator or its use.”

Erie police had long tried to keep that contract secret, but the judge rejected that idea and ordered that details of the Stingrays be made public.

“If that is not an instruction that affects the public, nothing is,” NeMoyer wrote.

The secrecy surrounding stingrays is ominous, to say the least. Police agencies in at least 20 different states have non-disclosure agreements with Harris Corp. They also have similar secrecy contracts with the FBI.

Last month we reported on how the FBI was covering for local police departments in a concerted effort to keep their unethical spy program under wraps.

According to reports, there have been several instances (that we know about) of prosecutors dropping charges to keep quiet about stingrays.

Last year, a man facing a four-year prison sentence for armed robbery was let go with 6-months probation because his defense attorney discovered police used a Stingray to locate him.

Hanni Fakhoury, an attorney with the pro-privacy Electronic Frontier Foundation, told CNN that Tuesday’s court order was the first time that revealed a nationwide cover up by police departments and the FBI. The idea is to maintain secrecy, at all costs.

“We’ve long suspected that’s the policy, but now we know,” said Fakhoury. “It’s crazy on a billion legal levels.”

CNN reports:

The lead ACLU attorney on this case, Mariko Hirose, described Stingrays as military-grade equipment that has no place being used on unsuspecting American citizens. She also said that the FBI’s tactic to stay quiet about Stingrays makes little sense. Erie County spent more than $350,000 to buy two Stingray devices and related training and equipment.

“Why are municipalities spending so much money when they might have to drop the charges in the name of secrecy?” she asked.

Apparently the secrecy of these devices is more important than the ostensible benefit received from using them.

What does this policy say about the so-called “justice” system in the US?

The justice system is seemingly more concerned with keeping its information clearinghouse open and rolling than they are with capturing criminals.

When the act of spying becomes more important than the act of deterring crime, we might live in a police state.

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Wisconsin Police to Begin Forcibly Taking DNA for ALL Misdemeanor Convictions

By TheRundownLive

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Jay Syrmopoulos | FreeThoughtProject

Madison, Wisc. – Starting April 1st, felons will no longer be the only ones in the state of Wisconsin to have their DNA forcibly taken. The state is expanding its DNA collection regime to include ALL criminal misdemeanor convictions.

The new law being implemented is expected to exponentially increase the number of samples being analyzed in Madison. The current number of DNA profiles created, from the felons’ samples, ranges from 10,000-12,000 per year.

Of those cases, 550 positive hits were made on unsolved cases, according to Fox 6.

The number of samples is expected to potentially increase to an estimated 60,000 samples being collected per year. Police make the case that perhaps thousands of unsolved crimes could be solved.

“We will save lives. We will save people from becoming sexual assault victims, shooting victims because of the evidence that is collected and out there,” said Brian O’Keefe with the Department of Justice O’Keefe.

But the infringement upon individual liberties didn’t go unnoticed.

Currently, every time a new felon is convicted, a DNA sample is taken. The sample is tested at the State Crime Lab, creating a DNA profile. Police then input this data into a database and attempt to see if that DNA was found at the scene of any unsolved crimes.

Rep. David Craig (R-Big Bend) made the very important point that for the first time in Wisconsin’s history, DNA would be taken from suspects who have not been convicted, but are accused of a violent crime.

“I think there is a strong contingent of us that say before they have their due process exhausted in the court system, they should maintain something as personal as DNA. We have a job to balance security, and safety versus individual liberty for those who have not had their day in court,” Rep. Craig said.

The idea of taking a person’s DNA without a conviction was first brought forth by Governor Scott Walker in 2013, but it did not sit well with many conservative Republicans. As a compromise, a list of offenses for which DNA could be collected upon arrest was reduced to “just” the most violent crimes on the book.

Rightly the ACLU claimed the compromise did not nearly go far enough.

“One’s personal autonomy, one’s privacy can get eroded by a thousand cuts,” ACLU of Wisconsin Executive Director Chris Ahmuty said.

The ACLU says they have a number of serious problems with the new law. The most pressing issue being privacy concerns — specifically for those whose DNA is collected, but a conviction never happens.

“The state of Wisconsin is not ready for this,” Ahmuty said.

The state claims that samples collected upon arrest will only be tested after establishing probable cause and that if a suspect is never convicted, after a year, the sample would be removed.

“Frankly, I wonder if the criminal justice system is up to the task,” Ahmuty said.

In a controversial Supreme Court ruling in 2013, the precedent was set that says the state can take a citizen’s DNA upon arrest.

It seems the state falsely looks upon DNA much the same as a simple, unique identifier such as a fingerprint. The problem with this line of thinking is the that vast amounts of the most private data contained in DNA must also be relinquished to the state.

There seems something inherently wrong with having to give up the actual code that makes us, as it is the most private thing that can exist. It has the power potentially to recreate you. Obviously DNA is so much more than just a simple and unique identifier.

Should something as precious as our individual code of life ever be allowed to be taken by the state?

Read more here:: Wisconsin Police to Begin Forcibly Taking DNA for ALL Misdemeanor Convictions


Cops in Colorado Could Soon Face $15,000 Fines if they Try to Stop People from Filming

By TheRundownLive

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Matt Agorist | FreeThoughtProject

Denver, CO — While Texas lawmakers are trying to make filming the police illegal, Colorado is taking a much better approach.

A package of bills that are designed to increase police oversight have been introduced in the Colorado Legislature. One of the measures included in the package would impose up to $15,000 in civil penalties for cops who interfere with someone trying to film them.

“Primarily, it came up as a result of the number of news reports we’ve been seeing about police officers telling people, ‘Give me your camera,’ or taking the data away, and that is unacceptable conduct,” said Rep. Joe Salazar, a Democrat from Thornton and co-sponsor of the bill.

According to 7 News Denver, Salazar said House Bill 15-1290 has support from both Democrats and Republicans and is not intended to penalize police.

“It takes a very special person to be a police officer,” Salazar said. “We want to honor them, but at the same time, we have a few bad apples who need to be aware that their conduct now has major, major consequences.”

One of the incidents that caught the attention of Salazar was the case of Bobbie Ann Diaz. Diaz was trying to film what happened after police shot and killed 17-year-old Jessica Hernandez.

As Diaz was trying to film the incident, she says an officer stopped her and threatened her with arrest if she continued to film.

“At that time, (the officers) put Jessie down and they were on their knees yelling at Brianna that she better not record. She better not,” Diaz said. “She got scared. She got intimated. These are big officers and she didn’t want to make things worse.”

Diaz didn’t know that she was protected by law to film the police as long as she wasn’t interfering with their investigation.

“I wanted to cooperate with them,” she said. “And I didn’t know it was our right to keep recording on our property.”

Predictably this legislation is being met with opposition from police groups.

7News Denver Reports:

A spokesperson for the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police said, while it recognizes citizens’ rights to record law enforcement, it is opposed to the fine of up to $15,000 because there is already a court process that determines whether an officer acted appropriately.

“There’s already an existing process,” said Wheat Ridge Police Chief Dan Brennan. “It don’t think it’s appropriate to legislate penalties.”

However, it is apparent that the “existing process” isn’t enough to deter police from violating the rights of individuals. We’ve seen several cases, recently, in which police in Colorado have violated the rights of people who record them.

Last month we reported on the case of a man shopping at a Wal-Mart who saw police arresting a shoplifter. When the man filming, Chris Hoover, started recording this altercation with police, he was arrested, for filming.

Also, in November, a man filmed Denver police as they beat a man and his pregnant wife. Officers took his tablet and deleted the video. However, they were too late as it had already uploaded to his Dropbox account.

Read more here:: Cops in Colorado Could Soon Face $15,000 Fines if they Try to Stop People from Filming


MusicVideo: “Everybody Knows (There’s a War)” by Keegan McInroe

By TheRundownLive

MusicVideo: “Everybody Knows (There's a War)” by Keegan McInroe

Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Live

“Everybody Knows” is a song from Keegan McInroe’s second album “From the Wall & In the City.” The song was recut for this video.

Animation by Undertoon Sale.

“Everybody Knows”

Everybody knows there’s a war going on.
Everybody knows there’s a war.
Everybody knows about the kids that don’t come home.
Yeah, I heard it’s gonna be a long war.
Everybody knows about the bodies in the streets.
Everybody knows there’s a war.
Everybody knows about the mothers and the beasts
Bloodying the Babylon floor.
But could you help us see the reason?
‘Cause it sure ain’t to keep the peace.
For every civilian that we’re slaying,
There’s a war-torn family rising up in hate.
Everybody knows there’s a war going on.
Everybody knows there’s a war.
Everybody knows about the money being made
By the men behind the closed, locked doors.
Everybody knows we like meddling in affairs.
Everybody knows there’s a war.
Near a thousand different bases in a hundred-fifty countries
Makes you wonder what we’re staying for.
Can you imagine what we’d do here
If some foreign power occupied our soil,
And tried to tell us how to live here,
As their bombs ripped through our boys and girls?
Everybody knows there’s a war going on
Everybody knows there’s a war.
Everybody knows you gotta reap what you sow,
So get in line for the fruits of war!
Everybody knows it’s the Christian thing to do.
Everybody knows there’s a war.
Why Jesus Christ, Himself, would probably blow ‘em straight to Hell, While pissing on the golden rule!
And it don’t matter who’s in office.
Or are you still too blind to see?
This war machine rolls on undaunted.
How long before you think it rolls over you and me?


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    Narrow Target Radio - 01/24/18After a week off we start the show recapping what the hell our elected officials have been doing and the buffoonery in D.C. After the first break Mark gets into the happenings at shot show in Las Vegas. First he talks about the winners. The manufacturers doing it right and making products we want. Companies like Sig Sauer, Ruger, Brownells, Palmetto State Armory and New Frontier Armory. After we discuss some of the good products Mark lays out the massive failure of Franklin Armory and their (never should have been) Reformation. Narrow Target Radio is dedicated to personal enrichment through personal [more]

    Narrow Target Radio - 01/10/18

    Narrow Target Radio - 01/10/18Tonight, we start the show disgusted at the state of our legal systems response to the Hillary Clinton situation. Mark and Nolan talk about his experience in his first formal firearms training class after Mark talks about a new release and a cancellation from Sig Sauer. After the first break we talk about Mark mentoring a friend for his first AR build and we spend some time dispelling bad information about manufacturing methods of the AR rifles after bad information was passed across the gun store counter. Squibs came up in reference to a customer gun Mark worked on and we [more]

    Narrow Target Radio - 01/03/18

    Narrow Target Radio - 01/03/18Tonight was a full round-the-world tour. We start in California, then go to Indiana and the new Glock G19X with the dangers of using a safe action and a low quality holster. FIRE SPRINKLERS! Finally, Mark talks about mindset, situational awareness and the importance of constant self evaluation to fight tactical complacency. Narrow Target Radio is dedicated to personal enrichment through personal defense and personal liberty. Topics range from firearms, training, products and personal preparedness. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6cm5nr PRESS PLAY BUTTON BELOW FOR AUDIO VERSION Click for More about Narrow Target Radio LIVE: Wednesdays 10:00pm-12:00am [more]

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