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showdescription Lies Wide Open is about opening peoples eyes to the lies that are being forced fed to the masses. How does one hide the truth? In plain site of course! We cover conspiracy theories to current events, we will not think for you, this show is mostly our opinion, we just plant the seed and it is up to you to water it. It is time to think outside the cube, open our eyes so we can crack the Lies Wide Open!

showhostsChrissy Sumer is a Truth Reporter who is an enemy to chrissyeven the hint of a lie. To say “Sumer” is a conspiracy theorist is such an understatement it’s an embarrassment. She’s a prolific conspiracy observer who has a heart for the esoteric and covers a multitude of topics, some of which most truthers haven’t even heard about. Her style and delivery are unique among her peers and when she speaks one would do well to listen and learn. She does not claim to always be right and she is quick to debunk herself if she finds she has been wrong. She’s an honest seeker who invites you the listener to join her on her quest to shed light in the darkest corners of the lies we are told on a daily basis by the powers that be. Chrissy is motivated by her love for humanity and a deep appreciation of God’s creation and a never-ending desire to transmit the high vibration of love to the world.



considers himself part of the nobody class, yet educated on the ongoing crimes committed by the NWO and the tricks that the Illuminati continues to play with the public using media, advertisements and movies.

Lies Wide Open is a medium in which “Sumer” & “Monty” delve into and discuss events of the past, present and the future to merely encourage dialog, both serious and jovial.
You might find Montagraph’s style to be humorous, crass, avant-garde but nevertheless, entertaining.


Although the name Agent Smith is deceiving, don’t worry, this guy believes in freedom, liberty, sound money, and above all his firearms.  His mysterious upbringing as a child could have possibly made him the thick-skinned, hardass he is today.  The story of Agent Smith begins in a small town in the middle of cointel– FILE NOT FOUND – FILE NOT FOUND – FILE NOT FOUND – FILE NOT FOUND – FILE NOT FOUND – FILE NOT FOUND – FILE NOT FOUND – FILE NOT FOUND – FILE NOT FOUND – FILE NOT FOUND – FILE NOT FOUND – FILE NOT FOUND – FILE NOT FOUND – FILE NOT FOUND – FILE NOT FOUND – FILE NOT FOUND – FILE NOT FOUND – FILE NOT FOUND – FILE NOT FOUND – FILE NOT FOUND – FILE NOT FOUND – FILE NOT FOUND – FILE NOT FOUND – FILE NOT FOUND – FILE NOT FOUND – FILE NOT FOUND – FILE NOT FOUND – FILE NOT FOUND – FILE NOT FOUND – FILE NOT FOUND – FILE NOT FOUND – FILE NOT FOUND


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    Liberty Under Attack - 06/16/16On this broadcast of Liberty Under Attack Radio, we hosted the 20th edition of the direct action series. Kyle Rearden joined us as a guest co-host. In this edition, we provided an overall analysis of Rayo’s book, “Vonu: The Search for Personal Freedom.” Within this book, Rayo provides a ton of potential solutions on creating freedom RIGHT now, even if some of them are inapplicable for various reasons. It is a crucial book, as well as a crucial broadcast. We covered the legality and efficacy of RV living, vonuing in cities, living on the water, and much more. This is one of [more]

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    Disassociation Nation - 06/10/16Tonight on Disassociation Nation, In the Cop Block block, Stefan Molyneux loves cops. Niz don’t like that lady. In the A block Niz and Paul talk about Trump vs. Clinton (Paul don't like those dudes) and an increase in internet video ads and net neutrality. The government wants to create a dedicated propaganda arm, the "Ministry of Truth" if you will. The D-block takes us to liberty's final frontier. Disassociation Nation is a provocative, rapid fire current events talk show hosted by Niz. Buckle up and hold on tight as he cuts through the fluff, spin, and propaganda of the mainstream [more]

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    Liberty Under Attack - 06/09/16On this broadcast of Liberty Under Attack Radio, we hosted the 18th edition of the direct action series. In the first segment, we gave a look and listen to Graham Wright’s “Law Without Government” presentation, and concluded the first hour with an open floor discussion on law in an anarchist society. In the second hour, Kyle Rearden from The Last Bastille blog joined us to discuss freeganism and dumpster diving. It was certainly an interesting discussion. If you appreciate the work put into this broadcast and the website, please consider contributing financially. You can make a one-time donation by visiting or [more]

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    Liberty Under Attack - 06/05/16On this broadcast of Liberty Under Attack Radio, we hosted the 17th edition of the direct action series. In the first segment, we discussed the anti-Libertarian “Libertarian” Party and the antics that took place at the National LP Convention—specifically James Weeks stripping down to a thong, live on CSPAN. I also raised additional concerns regarding the LP. We also had quite a doozy of a Fascistbook segment. For the remainder of the broadcast, we discussed survivalism and its various facets. Stan provided his insight and expertise on the subject. If you enjoyed the show, please consider contributing financially to LUA. You can [more]

    Liberty Under Attack - 05/22/16

    Liberty Under Attack - 05/22/16On this broadcast of Liberty Under Attack Radio, we hosted the 16th edition of the direct action series, focusing on culture jamming. Eric July, the vocalist of Backwordz, joined us to discuss the band, Christian anarchism, political demagogues, the efficacy of reformism, abolishing the Texan government, and much more. This was a terrific interview and it was great to hear Eric extrapolate out his viewpoints. If you enjoyed it, please consider contributing financially to LUA. Visit to make a quick one-time donation, or visit the website for other ways to help fund the operation. Links: Check out Eric’s pages: Personal Facebook: FB Musician [more]

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