January 15, 2016 News Conference [PARTIAL TRANSCRIPT]

By Kyle Rearden

The following is my partial transcription of the late LaVoy Finicum in his videos entitled,“Jan 15 News Conference Burns Oregon,” & “Jan 15 News Conference Part 2,” both of which were uploaded onto his YouTube channel on January 16th of 2016. Finicum was a participant in both the 2014 Bundy Affair as well as the Burns Chronicles, during which he met his untimely demise on January 26th of 2016. If you would like to assist me in providing rough transcripts for the rest of Finicum’s vlogs, please feel free to contact me.

Good morning, everyone. Today was supposed to be an important day. Today was the day we said we’d have our meeting with the community to outline exactly why we’re here and how/when we would leave.

Unfortunately, Judge Gratsy has been most active in squashing that, making sure that we have no access to facilities, to talk to the residents, to talk to the people. So, I ask: Judge, what are you afraid of? Are you hidin’ something? Why are you afraid of open dialogue? This is the same judge that put great pressure upon all those state representatives from three different states, and put great pressure to have them not come and met with us. So, again, why, Judge Gratsy; why are you not allowing this to happen?

Also, we would like to ask the FBI to go home. If you’ll notice who has guns at the public schools, who has guns around the public buildings, it’s not us – it’s the federal government. They’re fear-mongering; we want them to quit acting this way, quit being provocateurs, quit acting as militia, and stirring up fear – there’s no need for that. We can get on with the business and get out of here quicker, if you go home; take your guns away from the schools, take your guns away from the county buildings, take down those barricades. This isn’t Russia, this isn’t the Berlin Wall.

So, having said that, I have only a few things to announce here. I understand that the annual coyote hunt is coming up and we’re excited for that; we invite the hunters to go ahead and access the refuge. I listen to the packs of coyotes every night, there’s a lot of them out there; the pelts will be at their prime right now. This is an annual thing for this county, and so we don’t want that to be disrupted, we want those traditions to continue and for them to feel welcome; all those who come from all areas.

There are other counties, neighboring counties, that are reaching out to us at this time, asking us to meet with them, and to look at doing some of the same things that are happening here in Harney County. I don’t have any specifics that I’ll give you at this time. I think that’s about all I really want to give at this time; if there’s any questions, we got a lot of work to do, but if there’s any questions, I’ll take a few.

This is Harney County, and they should be free to access all the public lands, and this is Harney County public land. We’re not worried by them, they should not be worried by us. They’re hunters, they know you don’t point guns at people – we know that we don’t point guns at people; so, it’s all well, it’s all good.

We’ve been exhausting every resource, and if they do not do that, we shall still make this meeting happen soon. We’re looking at other facilities from local residents that will open this up and be more generous than the judge here. Again, why judge? Why not have dialogue, why not be open? We’re looking for transparency.

No! No, we got too much to do; that [coyote hunt] sounds like a lot of fun, but no, we’ve got much to do, thanks.

No, not at this time, if they are bordering counties. I’ll say that much.

There’s residents and Ammon’s been doing most of the interfacing so far as county commissioners or county supervisors – I don’t know the extent of that. I will say this, that pending communication with county residents or county supervisors from other states, I personally have met with them that have great concerns about what’s going on, the overreach of the federal government, and they too are looking at Harney County, trying to look at ways that they can support them, and possibly doing the same thing. So, this is not just a one state issue, a one county issue, but it is expanding into other states and many other counties. We’ve got a lot of work to do, but it’s moving; it’s high time that things be done.

There’s no need to do that, this is a great facility. Got lots of room…wouldn’t that be a terrible media presentation for us to come in there where we don’t need the facility, to show such poor faith to the county residents that want to hear what we’re doin’, and so, there is no need for such fear.

Today is Friday; we’re hoping early, like Monday/Sunday (try to kick things down on Sunday), but we’re lookin’ towards Monday to get this done. Maybe the judge will have change of heart, and allow his residents of his county to come and meet with us personally. We have a PowerPoint presentation, that we want to give so as to give more concrete clarity of our actions.

We want them to be comfortable; a county worth of people ought to be able to sit down…well, we meet with them all the time there, but we want them to have the opportunity to meet with us also…my understanding is that the judge is actually in violation of a specific statute, right now, by his actions. I’m not an attorney or anything like that , but that’s my understanding, that he is actually violating some statutes.

I’ll let Ammon present that, Ammon Bundy, he is the person to present that. He’s the one who actually set this whole thing in motion, and so, it would be proper and appropriate for that to come from him…I thank you for the question, it’s a softball question, but I’ll sure love to hit that, because it’s very important. Yes, the answer is yes, because the most common thing that these ranchers had to say when they began to come to us was that they were very concerned and fearful of the retaliations by the federal government; by the Forest Service, by the BLM.

They said, “Will you leave us alone? Will you stir this up and then will you leave when we need you? If we start standing up and sticking our heads out and making a stand, will you leave us alone?” Did you not witness the pressure that was brought to bear upon the Pucketts? I announce that we were gonna go open that fence, and did you know the FBI was there before I even got down in my truck and got out here? Putting pressure upon them; FBI and BLM – the intimidation that they put upon these people? They’re well organized, and they got there before we did. That is true.

Well, if there’s no other questions…

No, I cannot make any comment on that [“Judge” Bruce Doucette’s “grand jury”]

I don’t go to that; I go to the meetings that are here, and that’s 100%, okay? The meetings in there I heard that was a third that says, “You guys need to get out of Dodge,” and a third that says, “We like what you’re doin’ – we’re not likin’ your method; we appreciate it, but we want you to go,” and about a third say, “Don’t go; stay!”

But let’s talk about a republic. It’s the right of the individual that we’re lookin’ at, not the right of the collective. You know, if there’s just one rancher sayin’, “Please help me! Please don’t go!,” what about him? What about the Hammonds? What about that family that is in prison? What about the one?

We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for that one family. All of these abuses that have been building for a long time, but it was that one family that is what now, 11 days in prison? Unjustly so? Let them be released! It is about the one family right now, and so, thank you and I will call it good at that.

I’ve seen pictures of them, I don’t know exactly the locations, I just know they’re on the access to there. Anybody who drove in here [unintelligible].

I’m not sure, but isn’t it interesting that things are changin’, that people are resigning and speaking out on our behalf, and others are fighting vehemently to keep us from having access to buildings to have daylight to shed on things. I personally believe that from the documents that I have seen, that there is great corruption here. You ought to follow the money; there’s great wealth that’s locked up.

On my ranch in particular in Arizona, the greatest mineral wealth in the world is on that, so why do they lock that up? Why do they keep those resources from the people, and then have access by others at different times? I don’t have the specifics to give you, but you ought to really follow the money [unintelligible].

We’re lookin’ at the surveillance that they’ve put up on access here. Some of the residents told us about it and they thought it ought to be taken down, that the federal government seems to be having surveillance here in the county, that those surveillance cameras ought to be taken down off the access to this property. That is what we’re considering doing, and when we do, we want it done in the light of day.

FBI, I’m sure you’re listening to this, you know? Maybe you ought to get your tail out there and take’em down before we get there, so it’s no issue…well, that’s not okay. That’s not what’s called freedom, having this surveillance state that’s taking place at all levels, and you all know about that.

We’re hopin’ to get the facility put in place Monday; it just needs to happen quickly. We don’t want things to lag, we want things to move quickly so I can get home and find my lost cows…Harney County residents, the Committee of Safety, is trying to get access to their own public buildings for this meeting. They’re being denied by Judge Gratsy; again, that’s not okay. Let’s have open dialogue – let’s have some clarity with what’s going on here; this is going to take a process, this is not just a one night and we get every answer. We‘re workin’ hard and things are movin’, but we need to have openness and transparency.

I know he’s workin’ hard putting it in a PowerPoint presentation so it’s clear and precise, so we can have a meeting of the minds, and I look forward to seeing it myself.

Can we hear this, what’s being said here? This is RT-TV here…let’s look at the Pucketts when we opened the fence. The FBI, and BLM, and law enforcement was there before we got there, putting pressure upon them! They called and said, “Man, we didn’t expect, this is a lot of intensity!” We said, “Hang strong! Be strong!,” and they say, “We are, we are, but we’re not used to this!” So, there’s a concrete example of this, just not broad brushes, but that’s a narrow stroke, that’s an individual family; so yes, it’s true!

Federal government, go home! Take care of federal things! Secure our borders, protect our nation, keep commerce regular, and just a couple of other things – get the heck outta Dodge and leave the rest for the state and the counties to take care of. Let the people be free! It’s high time, dangnabit! Get outta town!

Before I get too hot, I gotta get out of here.

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