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showdescriptionCopBlock is a resource for the education of individual rights through the dissemination of different viewpoints and tactics that seek to curtail the all-too-common rights-violations and unaccountability that exists today. By documenting police actions, we highlight the double standard that some grant to those with badges by pointing to and supporting those harmed. We do not “hate cops.” We believe that no one – not even those with badges – has extra rights.

showhostsEric Freerock got involved after seeing co-founder Ademo get railroaded in a “wiretapping” case in my home state of New Hampshire, sitting idly by was no longer an option. Original waiting until moving back to New Hampshire and working with those in the Free State Project, was kicked off early. Soon after I started Free Rock Press in September of 2012 I started to get involved with since that was the state I was in. From there I was quickly bumped to admin for Ohio since the admin at the time was on his way to court ordered rehab for his victimless crime of being shipped an “illegal” drug.

In February 2013 while Copblock co-founder Pete Eyre was on a 4,400 mile Copblock Tour leading up to that year’s Liberty Forum, I was the only person to show up at the Columbus, Ohio stop. Having Pete’s ear for at least an hour and talking about a wide range of topics including the town Pete is living in which happens to be where I was born and lived most my life, Keene, NH, it became clear that the Columbus scene was non-existent and further outreach on a grand scale was in order. During that meeting I expressed interest in doing a radio show/podcast in a long format to compliment Copblock’s 5 minute weekly podcast the Police Accountability Report. With the help of Pete a call was put out at the beginning of March searching for co-hosts. Which hooked me up with the co-hosts I have today. On April 16th, 2013 Episode 1 of the CopBlock Radio Show was created.

I would describe myself as a voluntaryist, meaning that I believe that all interactions among human beings should be on a voluntary and consensual basis. I try to promote the ‘non-aggression’ principle but state it a little differently than most so it’s better clarified, at least in my mind. “Everyone has the right to do and live however they choose so long as they do not harm any unwilling participant via force, fraud or coercion and do not damage or trespass against anyone’s property.” I believe this slightly different wording better conveys the right to self-defense, better lays out property rights, and clarifies that consensual destruction or violence is perfectly fine. I do not think that government is necessary for anything and causes much more harm than it ever does in good. My goal, like that of in general, is to no longer have a need for my blog or the Copblock Radio Show to exist. The only way that will come about is with peaceful evolution and dissolution of government and shining a bright light on the illegitimate claim that there are those who believe they rule us as being illegitimate. The truth is that illusion of power is just that, an illusion. It’s time to see past the smoke and mirrors and stand up to say, “I am the ruler of me, I am responsible for me, no one else can lay claim to me.”


adamAdam McFlapnog started standing up for his rights as a teen in his public high school, where he was being profiled and bullied by officials of the state indoctrination system in order to deny these rights.  He next observed the Occupy movement in his hometown, to learn more about political movements. He was active in the Ron Paul campaign, and was elected as a local delegate. He had already been following CopBlock  when an incident involving Adamo and Pete with another school system inspired him to get more involved, so he started Spokane Cop Block. Earlier this year Eric Freerock contacted him about starting up a radio show and it sounded like an awesome and fun way to get more involved with CopBlock and spread the message of accountability, so he jumped right on it.


Scott Amagi, was born Scott S. Scottington. He may not be a real person. He’s a phantom. If he’s a pre-recorded robot, we think he pulls the show off pretty well. Few people know the real Scott, as he is a character shrouded in mystery.
scott The facts are just as intriguing as the story, but we’ll give you the story first.
Scott was born inside of lockup. His parents were a CO and an inmate. Being born behind bars, he’s always had strong opinions on the “justice system”. It’s said that his first words were “No Victim, No Crime!”

Scott’s early years are enigmatic . He was raised in the system until adolescence and was subjected to abusive foster homes, thanks to the care of the state. As a teen, after the horrors of his upbringing, he decided he wanted to be a LEO himself and do his part to leave the system a little better than he found it.
Being on that side of the thin blue line is said to have given Scott a particular insight into the mindset of your average costumed-pistol-carrying-badge-wearer.
After several years on the force, Scott was fed up with the corruption. He decided that whole idea of forcing people to fund a private club of thugs wearing badges who have a monopoly on force is bullshit. He left his career, went off
the grid, and changed his surname to “Amagi”.
The specifics of the incident that turned him into a legit CopBlock activist are also a little hazy. It may involve nearly being drowned by a cop. It may even involve being set aflame and burned so badly by a LEO that he could no longer show himself in public. He may have false teeth as a result, and may have even taken a ricochet
when his pet chihuahua, Killer, was shot by an overzealous jackboot thug.
killerMore than likely, it was just your run-of-the-mill harassment for something that was really no one elses problem. Remember, no victim, no crime.
Now, the facts. Scott likes CopBlock. So much so that he decided he wanted to co-host the CopBlock Radio Show. Scott likes to be outdoors. He is always prepared. Kinda like a Boy Scout. Three things he ALWAYS has with him are a camera, a beard, and a permanent disdain for unjust force.
Scott is involved with several liberty organizations near his undisclosed location.


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