Paradigm Shift: Wisconsin Police Chief Endorses Marijuana Legalization

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“The crusade on marijuana has been a palpable failure; an abject failure.”

Police Chief Mike Koval of Madison, Wisconsin, endorsed the legalization of marijuana last week, saying that the enforcement of marijuana laws have been an “abject failure”.

In an interview with the State Journal last week, Koval said that, “We’ve done such an abysmal job using marijuana as a centerpiece of drug enforcement, that it’s time to reorder and triage the necessities of what’s more important now.”

Marijuana is still illegal in the state of Wisconsin, but there are currently people in the region who are pushing for a rollback of marijuana laws. Police Chief Koval belongs to a growing number of law enforcers who are beginning to re-think drug prohibition, based on the experience that they have had in the drug war.

One of the leading groups of law enforcers working to end the drug war is LEAP, or Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. According to their official website, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition is an international 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization of criminal justice professionals who bear personal witness to the wasteful futility and harms of our current drug policies.

It is great that Koval is standing up against the insane policies that he is paid to enforce, but he still unfortunately supports heavy taxes and regulations for marijuana, which would require a significant amount of force to be used against nonviolent people, both to collect the taxes and enforce the regulations.

Koval also said that people who are addicted to drugs need treatment, not jail time.

The crusade on marijuana has been a palpable failure; an abject failure,” he said. “So let’s acknowledge the failure for what it is, and rededicate ourselves to … a better way to deal with people who have addictions.”

Koval was in the news recently for speaking out against the use of military gear and tactics at protests, and specifically at the protests in Ferguson.

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The Rundown Live #340 Rosa Koire (Agenda 21,Open Borders,Water,MegaCities)

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On this Monday edition of The Rundown Live, Kristan and I go over the sponsors, and the site before are joined by our guest Rosa Koire, getting into many topics like, Agenda 21, sustainable development, open borders, water control, mega cities, and much more. This one is worth checking out! Make sure you like, recommend and subscribe! Links below!

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You’ll Never Guess Who Is Sitting On Monsanto’s Board Of Directors

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Monsanto has made sure they’ve covered all of their bases when it comes to controlling the population.

From propaganda and food supply to governments and skewing research in their favor, the company’s board of directors is a global who’s who that represents some of the most infamous corporations on earth.

The following is a list of the 13 members of Monsanto’s Board of Directors. Almost all raise more questions about the secretive corporation than they do answer any questions.

Gregory H. Boyce

Gregory H. Boyce is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Peabody Energy Corporation.

Peabody Energy Corporation is the largest private sector coal company in the world. They generate roughly 10% of all electricity generated in the United States.

In 2013 alone, Peabody spent $3,770,000 lobbying Washington to continue polluting not only the United States but the world. Since 2008, they have spent over $37 million dollars on lobbying politicians, not to mention another $690,000 that was donated to political campaigns from 2008 to 2012.

Peabody ranked 493rd out of 500 in Newsweek’s Green Rankings in 2012 and was also ranked the #1 worst company for the planet in 2009.

Polluting the world with coal must not be enough for Mr. Boyce. He has been serving on the board at Monsanto’s since April of 2013.

David L. Chicoine

David L. Chicoine, Ph.D. is president of South Dakota State University and professor of economics.

Dr. Chicoine has served on the Board of Directors of the John Warner Bank, the Carle Foundation Hospital, the Farm Foundation, the DuPage International Technology Park, the Illinois Technology Development Fund, and the Argonne National Laboratory. Along with currently sitting on the Board of Monsanto, he also sits on the board of First Bank & Trust.

Is it possible that the president of a University who has ties to research firms is involved with Monsanto to help ensure their research findings skew in the companies favor?

Janice L. Fields

Janice L. Fields is a former president of McDonald’s USA, LLC, a subsidiary of McDonald’s Corporation.

Yes, Mrs. Fields is the former president of THAT McDonald’s. The same restaurant who’s “food” is barely food. Nothing to see here though.

Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant is the chairman and chief executive officer of Monsanto Company.

Arthur H. Harper

Arthur H. Harper is managing partner of GenNx360 Capital Partners.

GenNx360 is a private equity firm who has strong ties to General Electric. According to, several of the equity firm’s senior partners include:

Former GE Vice Chairman and President & CEO of GE Industrial, a $33 billion business segment

Former SVP, President & CEO GE Equipment Services, a $7 billion business segment

Former VP and Corporate Officer; President & CEO GE Sensing

Laura K. Ipsen

Laura Ipsen is corporate vice president of Microsoft Corp.’s Worldwide Public Sector organization.

According to Microsoft via

As corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Worldwide Public Sector organization, Ipsen leads the company’s sales and marketing efforts to customers in government, public safety, national security, education and non private health care in more than 100 countries.

Mrs. Ispen’s position provides Monsanto with a direct connection to governments, along with their education and health care systems.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has also said on record that vaccines will help reduce the world’s population. The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation dispense vaccines to people all around the world.

Gwendolyn S. King

Gwendolyn S. King is president of Podium Prose, a speakers bureau.

Podium Prose is nothing more than a glorified propaganda firm.

According to their website:

Podium Prose, one of Washington, DC’s premier speakers bureaus and communications firms, makes certain that your audiences and stakeholders are engaged, inspired and informed.

We can provide you with compelling speakers for your events – top experts in a wide variety of fields from national security to health care to personal empowerment.

Our award-winning writers can help you translate your ideas into attention-getting speeches, white papers, op-eds, annual reports and other written and electronic materials.

And our experienced presentation coaches can help your executive team be more effective in giving speeches or handling media interviews.

Marcos M. Lutz

Marcos M. Lutz is the Chief Executive Officer of Cosan S.A. Indústria e Comércio.

Cosan S.A. Indústria e Comércio is involved in the production and sale of sugar and ethanol worldwide. Additionally, they are engaged in the distribution of natural gas to approximately 180 municipalities in the territory of São Paulo, Brazil. According to Foreign Policy Magazine:

While sugar cane ethanol is certainly less ecologically destructive than some other bio fuels, the industry’s boosters have overlooked one key fact: You’ve got to plant sugar cane somewhere. One couldn’t pick a worse place to harvest cane than Brazil’s Atlantic rainforest. There, sugar cane crops have led to deforestation and, paradoxically, more carbon emissions.

So much for Monsanto’s dedication to sustainability.

C. Steven McMillan

C. Steven McMillan is a retired chairman of the board and CEO of Sara Lee Corporation.

Sara Lee is a globally popular food brand that produces meats, bakery goods, and beverages.

In 2012, the company contributed $343,600 to “The Coalition Against The Costly Food Labeling Proposition, sponsored by Farmers and Food Producers.” The groups sole purpose was to oppose Proposition 37, which demanded mandatory labeling of foods containing genetically modified ingredients.

Jon R. Moeller

Jon R. Moeller is chief financial officer of The Procter & Gamble Company.

Proctor & Gamble claims that nearly 5 billion of the 7 billion people on the planet use their products.

Greenpeace exposed widespread forest devastation by P&G earlier this year.

William U. Parfet

William U. Parfet is chairman of the board, chief executive officer and President of MPI Research Inc.

MPI is a research firm that has “conducted thousands of drug safety, discovery, surgery, medical device evaluation, bio-analytical, and analytical studies,” according to their website.

George H. Poste, Ph. D., D.V.M.

George H. Poste, Ph. D., D.V.M. is chief executive of Health Technology Networks.

Dr. Poste is a research scientist and was a member of the Defense Science Board of the US Department of Defense from 2003 to 2009. He continues to serve on US government advisory boards related to national security, intelligence, terrorism and healthcare. He is a member of the US Institute of Medicine Board on Global Health.

Robert J. Stevens

Robert J. Stevens is a retired chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Lockheed Martin Corporation.

Lockheed Martin is one of the world’s largest defense contractors. It receives 7.1% of its funds from the Pentagon and does 74% of its business with the military.

Lockheed specializes in missile defense systems along with a plethora of military vehicles, including battleships, drones, and fighter jets.

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Can Mushrooms Kick Cigarette Addiction?

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Cigarette addiction is arguably one of the most detrimental habits to human health. Many established addicts repeat their efforts to quit without any abstaining success. Addicts employ various methods to quit including nicotine patches and medications such as Vareniclinetry which attempts to either mimic nicotine as a substitute or subdue cravings and withdraws. While these techniques work for some people, only about 35 percent of smokers are able to quit with vareniclinetry. One method that’s gaining popularity is Auricular acupuncture, which offers an effective and holistic approach for any addition.

A recent pilot study published in the Journal of Psycho pharmacological and illustrated in the Washington Post, introduces a potential treatment method for quitting smoking using psilocybin mushrooms. The study found that the incidence at which established addicts were able to quit was at an astonishing 80 percent. Since the study was preliminary, results are subject to change with a study that contains a greater sample size. Still, the fact that 12 out of 15 subjects were able to quit is a good sign for future research and should garner momentum in efforts to further the study.

Cigarette smoking is often considered the most difficult addiction to quit. If your an addict that wants to quit, know someone that is, or just support smokers efforts in general, then take it upon yourself to become educated in what methods are available, and support this new study by sharing this article with family and friends. Below is a video that demonstrates auricular acupuncture for smoking addiction.

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Police Seize 190 Pounds Of Ginseng For Harvesting Early

Thumbnail for 30612West Virginia natural resources police say they arrested 11 individuals and seized 190 pounds of dry ginseng that was illegally harvested before the digging season began.

Digging season begins September 1st and runs through November 30th.

The Ginseng is valued near $180,000 dollars. The department said Wednesday the arrests followed a year-long investigation in southern West Virginia.

Police also seized stolen guns, illegal drugs and $30,000 in cash according to WVVA.


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The Rundown Live #339 Chris Perkins (Awareness,Radio,Internet)

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Pharmaceutical Giant Dumps Live Polio Virus Into Belgian Water

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Employees with pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) dumped more than 45 liters of concentrated live polio into the water at a Belgian treatment plant earlier this month according to a statement from health officials.

A press release from the Federal Public Service (FPS) Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment in Belgium stated that “human error” resulted in the live virus making its way into the Lasne and Dyle rivers in Rixensart on Sept. 2.

“The liquid was rejected, according to initial information provided by the firm GSK, due to human error during the process of vaccine production,” the press release states. “The water from the treatment plant in question is not discharged to the supply network for drinking water.”

Swimmers and fishermen face “limited” danger according to a risk analysis conducted by the Scientific Institute of Public Health and the Supreme Council of Health, which also encouraged worried residents to contact their doctors to debate “re-vaccination.”

“For precautionary measures, samples of sludge and water from the treatment plant, the Lasne and Dyle will be taken to permit an assessment of the persistence of the virus,” stated the press release. “Pending these results, it is advised to avoid contact with the water downstream of the WWTP Rosieres, to the confluence of the Lasne with Dyle.”

While details are scarce, the incident raises many questions given the vast amount of technical safeguards allegedly in place as well as the company’s questionable history.

GSK’s disregard for human life resulted in a laughable $93,000 fine by an Argentinian judge in 2012 after 14 babies died during illegal lab vaccine trials.

“These doctors took advantage of the many illiterate parents whom take their children for treatment by pressuring and forcing them into signing these 28-page consent forms and getting them involved in the trials,” a health professional said. “Laboratories can’t experiment in Europe or the United States, so they come to do it in third-world countries.”

A confidential GSK document leaked to the press in 2012 also revealed that the company’s 6-in-1 vaccine Infanrix Hexa killed 36 infants within a two-year period. The document went on to detail 1,742 reports of adverse reactions to the vaccine, 503 of which were extremely serious.

In 2010, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials revealed that GSK’s Rotarix vaccine secretly contained swine virus DNA. Traceable levels of DNA from the avian leukosis virus and the simian retrovirus were also found in GSK’s measles vaccine and RotaTeq vaccine.

Other major pharmaceutical companies such as Bayer have been engaged in major criminal behavior as well. During the 1980s, Bayer knowingly sold HIV-contaminated blood products to hemophiliacs across the world, resulting in a decades-long lawsuit.

GSK is currently testing an experimental Ebola vaccine on volunteers in Britain and the United States.

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When Should We Start Forcibly Resisting Police Tyranny?

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A 17-year-old kid was tased into a coma and suffered brain damage after Officer Tim Runnels arrested him for a traffic ticket that was associated with the car he had borrowed. It was not his ticket. The window was broken and the minor could not roll the window down completely when ordered. Therefore the officer used force to enforce an unlawful order. The department has stated that Runnels acted within policy and placed the officer on paid vacation. The minor is the son of another police officer. Since it deals with one of their own, the FBI has launched a probe. Image credit: OregonDOT

If putting a child in a coma for someone’s traffic ticket is within policy, where does it end?

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.”

-President John F. Kennedy

Weeks of peaceful protests and outright riots in Missouri have accomplished nothing. The government has chosen to protect its enforcement class rather than its citizens. If peaceful requests for a redress of grievances, as guaranteed in the US Constitution, fail to work, do people have the right to engage in violence to protect their life and the lives of their loved ones?

Police officer deaths are at an all time low, yet cases of police brutality are at an all time high. More importantly, officers are not held accountable for their actions and are allowed to walk free even when a video is available that shows them murdering someone who is begging for their life. What are the American people to do when the protests, politicians, and courts have failed them?

Americans have been told that their freedom rests on four boxes: the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box.

People have exercised their right to stand on soap boxes and speak against the corruption and brutality that is plaguing the American justice system for decades and nothing has been done.

The ballot box has been proven pointless as special interests, police unions, and corrupt elected officials protect law enforcement in exchange for preferential treatment.

The jury box is also pointless as prosecutors and law enforcement work hand in glove to cover up the misdeeds of their fellow law enforcers.

The first three boxes have been used and proved to be useless against the machine of general mayhem that is known as the “thin blue line.” The only box left available to the American people is the cartridge box. Objections to shooting a cop are so ingrained in the American psyche that I can visualize many readers wincing as the subject is openly discussed. The discussion of uncomfortable ideas is the only path to reform; but to avoid sending the gentle reader into a shock-induced coma faster than Runnels’ taser, allow me to phrase the question differently:

If an organization displayed a pattern of assault, rape, murder, theft, home invasion, and racketeering would a person coming in contact with members of that organization have a reasonable expectation that they would be harmed if they did not act to preserve their own life?

All of a sudden the question seems almost ridiculously easy to answer. Of course, a person would have the right to defend their life and property when confronted with such an organization. So why are those that wear blue uniforms instead of blue bandanas immune from this judgment of guilt?

The answer is simple: propaganda. Much like those that turned a blind eye to totalitarian police forces throughout history, the average American sees these people as heroes out defending democracy against the threat of lawlessness. The problem, of course, is that the United States is not a democracy; it is an oligarchy.

Some readers probably retracted in horror from the screen at the idea that the United States is not what was told to them in their high school civics class. The term oligarchy gets thrown around and sometimes people aren’t clear on exactly what it means. Provided below is the definition.

Full Definition of OLIGARCHY

1: government by the few

2: a government in which a small group exercises control especially for corrupt and selfish purposes; also : a group exercising such control

3: an organization under oligarchic control

Does that seem more like the government we have today, or does the government represent the will of the people, as it would in a republic or a democracy?

Knowing those in government are out to pursue corrupt and selfish interests, makes it a lot easier to view the cop who is beating homeless people to death as the Sheriff of Nottingham and the government as Prince John. So where are Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men?

Where are those that are willing to stand up to injustice and fight those that would kill your child or maim them with a grenade to please the ruling class? Is it time to meet force with force in cases of police brutality? Is it time to stop demonizing the term “cop killer?”

The police watchdog group Cop Block put out video pondering this very question before the topic became the subject of national debate.

Is it time to start using violence against law enforcement?

While I make it a point to never advocate violence, I will say that I can’t wait to go to Sherwood Forest and cover the story.

I openly posed this question on my personal Facebook account; these are some of the responses I received. It should be noted that at the time of writing not a single person indicated they believed it was wrong to use violence against law enforcement officers that were overstepping their bounds.

I pose the question to the reader: Is it time to start resisting police with violence?

The Anti-Media is not identifying the child by name in accordance with its policy of not naming minor children who are the victims of crimes.

This article is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author and Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive our latest articles.

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Hollywood Babylon – The Inside Story On The Occult Empire

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Vanity of vanities.

“The earliest gods were invoked by ritual act (dromenon = the thing done) such as a sacrificial dance, commemorating the fact that our life begins and ends when they call upon us. Subsequently the thing was said (legomenon) as well as done, and the dromenon was on its way to becoming the drama. Once speech within the temple precincts has been endowed with the power of word-magic, we have “the invocation” properly so called.” (Dudley Young, Origins of the Sacred: The Ecstasies of Love and War, pg. 413)

Hollywood is, as David Lynch titles it, an “inland empire” – a kind of covenantal city-state of its own, with its own religion, including all the trappings of neophytes, acolytes, servants, agents, star saints, hierophants and hierarchs and holy sites. It is a veritable polis of initiatory esoterica where the holy sites and rites of Hollywood are not the altars of mainstream religion, but another ancient religion, ultimately summed up in the epithet of the ancient mysteries. The ancient mysteries comprise the competing religious practices of the empires of old, but the one empire that seems to have achieved the most appropriate association with Hollywood is Babylon – the “gate of the gods”.

Babylon was the ancient pagan empire prominent in biblical prophetic works as an enemy of God’s people due to their idolatry. Hollywood is no different, functioning as the propaganda arm of the antichrist media establishment, intent on re-engineering society into its alchemical opposite, unleashing the destructive forces of cultural Marxism and death. This is why stories and narratives continue to emerge of Hollywood scandals, sex and murder rituals and occult crime, with no puzzle pieces ever put together from mindless denizens of talking head puppetdom. From the dozens of in-depth analyses on my site looking into the esoteric meanings in Hollywood films, it logically follows that this classic thesis of “Hollywood Babylon” is not far off. This title is not new, either: detailed accounts are found in insider researchers like Peter Levenda, and even older than his Sinister Forces trilogy, occultist Kenneth Anger’s book and documentary, Hollywood Babylon, which (documentary) I will include below.

Ritual scene in Polanski's The 9th Gate.Ritual scene in Polanski’s The 9th Gate.

From its beginnings, Hollywood has been an empire of tragedies, full of lost lives, drugs, and real life drama, but this troupe lifestyle is nothing new. The stage has long been the site of tragedy and something much darker – ritual invocation, all the way back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. For Greece and Rome, the stage was sacred, where the dramaturgical interactions of the gods were actually a form of magical invocation. The actors donned the costumes of the gods, with the playwright scripting the narrative to inculcate the masses into the appropriate morals of the state. Although the idea of the theater as explicitly sacred is foreign to the modernity, it was not for historic man, nor is modern man’s praxis any less religious in regard to the theater. Sir James Frazier elaborates the ancient belief in the magical character of dramaturgy and acting in his classic The Golden Bough:

Ritual scene in Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut.

Ritual scene in Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut.

“Here then at the great sanctuary of the goddess in Zela it appears that her myth was regularly translated into action; the story of her love and the death of her divine lover was performed year by year as a sort of mystery-play by men and women who lived for a season and sometimes died in the character of the visionary beings whom they personated. The intention of these sacred dramas, we may be sure, was neither to amuse nor to instruct an idle audience, and as little were they designed to gratify the actors, to whose baser passions they gave the reins for a time. They were solemn rites which mimicked the doings of divine beings, because man fancied that by such mimicry he was able to arrogate to himself the divine functions and to exercise them for the good of his fellows. The operations of nature, to his thinking, were carried on by mythical personages very like himself; and if he could only assimilate himself to them completely he would be able to wield all their powers.

Bacchanalia of AndreasBacchanalia of Andreas

This is probably the original motive of most religious dramas or mysteries among rude peoples. The dramas are played, the mysteries are performed, not to teach the spectators the doctrines of their creed, still less to entertain them, but for the purpose of bringing about those natural effects which they represent in mythical disguise ; in a word, they are magical ceremonies and their mode of operation is mimicry or sympathy. We shall probably not err in assuming that many myths, which we now know only as myths, had once their counterpart in magic; in other words, that they used to be acted as a means of producing in fact the events which they describe in figurative language. Ceremonies often die out while myths survive, and thus we are left to infer the dead ceremony from the living myth. If myths are, in a sense, the reflections or shadows of men cast upon the clouds, we may say that these reflections continue to be visible in the sky and to inform us of the doings of the men who cast them, long after the men themselves are not only beyond our range of vision but sunk beneath the horizon.” (pg. 651)

By the time of Shakespeare and the Renaissance, the tradition had not changed. Renaissance scholar Dame Francis Yates writes of the hermetic elements of the Globe Theater: “Thoughts occur to one of the possibility of using Fludd’s revelations, not only for the understanding of the actual staging of Shakespeare’s plays, but for an interpretation of the relative spiritual significance of scenes played on different levels. Is the Shakespearean stage a Renaissance and Hermetic transformation of the old religious stage?” (The Art of Memory, pgs. 42-3) For the Renaissance “masked ball” tradition, the ritual aspect of the theater was quite profound, with the political and market elites meeting on estates for the original, now-famous Eyes Wide Shut-style ceremonial celebrations. The point here is the stage as a ceremonial altar for religious invocation is not novel, but a genuine tradition that has continued unabated from Renaissance era to now. The 1972 Rothschild Masked Ball is now well-known in Internet alternative media circles, but it forms a perfect example of the elite ball as described. Roman Polanski’s occultic The 9th Gate and Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut were both filmed in Rothschild mansions, and all carry explicit occult themes.

 Château de Ferrières is the site of 9th Gate. Château de Ferrières is the site of 9th Gate.

That there is a dark side to Hollywood is generally known, given the numerous cases of bizarre deaths, yet the occult side is still lesser known. In his section from Sinister Forces Vol. III on “Hollywood Babylon,” Levenda includes a snippet from comparative religion writer Mircea Eliade: “Babylon was Bab-ilani, a “gate of the gods,” for it was there that the gods descended to earth….But it was always Babylon that is the scene of the connection between the earth and the lower regions, for the city had been built upon bab apsi, the “Gates of Apsu” – apsu designating the waters of chaos before the Creation.” (pg. 109)

And in Eliade’s The Sacred and the Profane, he explains of the ancient conception of the threshold or gate, which is peculiarly applicable:

“A similar ritual function falls to the threshold of the human habitation, and it is for this reason that the threshold is an object of great importance. Numerous rites accompany passing the domestic threshold – a bow, a prostration, a pious touch of the hand, and so on. The threshold has its guardians – gods and spirits who forbid entrance both to human enemies and to demons and the power of pestilence. It is on the threshold that sacrifices to the guardian divinities are offered. Here too certain paleo-oriental cultures (Babylon, Egypt, Israel) situated the judgment place. The threshold, the door show the solution of continuity in space immediately and concretely; hence their great religious importance, for they are symbols and at the same time vehicles passage from one space to another.” (pg. 25)

Early Satanic ritual crime in Hollywood. Early Satanic ritual crime in Hollywood.

The “gate of the gods” is thus fitting for Hollywood, as is the Saturnalian ethos, where the medium is the method: the spirits and gods of old still find their servants and missionaries crossing the threshold of the artistic airwaves and celluloid chapels, but the spiral goes even deeper. In making this occult and religious association, one of the first prominent cases of Hollywood occult ritual psychodrama is the case of the Black Dahlia, which I have referenced elsewhere. Researcher Dave McGowan has written about the occult and Satanic connections to the murder and HolyHexes gives a summary of McGowan’s work on Hodel and Short:

“McGowan sees clearly how privilege works while noting accusations that came out during Hodel’s trial. Allegations that the rich and powerful were dabbling in incest, hypnotism/mind control, pedophilic orgies, and Luciferian philosophies must surely have been shocking to Angelenos in the 1940s, as they would still be to most Americans today, but to these jaded eyes and ears, it just sounds like business as usual. Also sounding like business as usual is that Tamar was roundly vilified by both the press and the defense team (led by Jerry Giesler), and Dr. George Hodel was acquitted.”

Secret porn in The Black Dahlia associated with ritual murder. Secret porn in The Black Dahlia associated with ritual murder.

“How it is that the fourteen-year-old daughter of a lowly probation officer fell into the orbit of the daughter of the wealthy and influential George Hodel (Hodel’s former home is currently valued at $4.2 million) has never been explained, but Tamar, described by Michelle as “the epitome of glamour,” quickly took the youngster under her wing, buying her clothes, enrolling her in modeling school, teaching her to drive, and providing her with a fake ID and a steady stream of prescription drugs – obtained, one would presume, from her father.”

Have you come to the conclusion McGowan leads the reader? The Black Dahlia was recruited by a daughter of a rich and connected doctor for a ritualistic slaying in an underground walk-in vault beneath the home, her death, dismemberment and missing organs facilitated by drugs and participated in by members of a cult engaged in satanic worship. This is McGowan’s premise in his book also on mind controlled serial killers, it’s a cover for satanic worship and the “serial killers” are mostly patsies!

Bogey discovers secret porn and drugged women. Bogey discovers secret porn and drugged women in The Big Sleep.

This article doesn’t do complete justice to McGowan’s essay. McGowan, a native of Los Angeles, pins down Phillips as possessed of occult leanings, and successfully, shows how “The Black Dahlia” may be connected to occult practices in the shadows of a sixties’ Laurel Canyon.”

To bring this pattern into concrete examples, there is a curious Bacchanalian scene in The Big Sleep (1946) with Humphrey Bogart that shows a similarity to the underground porn and ritual imagery in The Black Dahlia (2006), as well as to scenes in David Lynch’s Lost Highway (1997). This revelation of the inside sexual and ritual aspects in the films themselves demonstrate the claims I’m making are not without basis. While noir would not be a place one would expect esoteric symbolism The Big Sleep was actually referencing a topic completely taboo to the audience of the day – sex, drug and ritual. It is Interesting to note that the camera’s eye in The Big Sleep shot is the third eye of the Buddha bust, suggesting a potential Tantric theme was involved in the porn at the flophouse. In The Black Dahlia, a secret flop house that resembles it can be seen above, where the porn was filmed, later to be followed by a grizzly occult murder. In The Black Dahlia, a wealthy family is involved in the ritual crime, bringing to mind the rituals performed in the estates in Eyes Wide Shut and 9th Gate. It also brings to mind the ritual porn murder film at the end of Lost Highway, which is an explicit tribute to noir.

The metanarrative ritual film in Lost Highway.  The metanarrative ritual film in Lost Highway.

At this point the question arises – what do ritual drama and these subtle examples of deeper sexual themes in noir and neo-noir have in common? Levenda’s analysis is crucial here, highlighting the shamanic elements of the actor in seeking to become an alternate persona. The similarity to The shaman was, of course, the walker between two worlds, who channeled the message from the spirit realm into ours. The father of method acting was none other than Konstantin Stanislavski, an occult practitioner who was explicit about the spiritual nature of his method. Levenda writes of Stanislavski, “The true Method actor is a kind of initiate, a voluntary madman, and opens himself or herself up to forces he or she does not understand, but which are potent nonetheless. And these forces being summoned then act upon those in close proximity.” (Ibid., 112) With this made evident, the evidence of Hollywood as an occult empire only mounts, and we can see the above film examples as an interesting juxtaposition of 40s crime with subtle occult undertones continues to suggest even more. In this shamanic context, Lynch’s quote I’ve cited in the past makes even more sense: “‘I learned that just beneath the surface there’s another world, and still different worlds as you dig deeper.”

Also worth mentioning is the point I made in my Mulholland Drive analysis, where the gorgeous starlet Candy Jones was a prime example, not just of an entertainment vixen surrounded by scandalous scuttlebutt, but as an actual mind-controlled victim of the newly-established MKULTRA program. I wrote:

1954 ad with Candy Jones where the eye usage is definitely significant!1954 ad with Candy Jones where the eye usage is definitely significant!

“Hollywood is also no stranger to the notion of mind-controlled subjects with alternate personalities, programmed with key words and triggers, as the 1962 film The Manchurian Candidate made evident, based on Richard Condon’s 1959 novel of the same name. Another famous episode along these lines that relates to Betty is the story of Candy Jones, the famous model who was also a mind controlled subject, as Donald Bain’s 1976 The Control of Candy Jones argues. Betty/Diane, like Candy, seems to blend between the 50s and present day, in her descent into mental illness, depersonalization and dissociation. This will provide the key to understanding the blue key Betty is given that unlocks the blue box in Club Silencio. The box and key are Betty’s psyche and the key represents the key words and phrases her handler(s) possess. Before we progress further into the meat of the film, recall Levenda’s comments I cited in my Lost Highway analysis, as all Lynch films intersect and relate to one another:

“A recurring feature of David Lynch films is the flickering light, a result, we are told in the pilot episode of Twin Peaks – of a “bad transformer.” This flickering electric light will appear in Lynch films such as Mulholland Drive [and Lost Highway], to announce the appearance of the Cowboy, a bizarre character who speaks in gnomic riddles, like a cross between Gary Cooper and David Carradine. In Twin Peaks, it is the light in the morgue over the place where the body of Laura Palmer had been kept, and which is then visited by Mike, the one-armed man, who recites the famous poem:

“Through the darkness of futures past
The magician longs to see;
One chants out between two worlds
‘Fire walk with me.’”

There, in a strange little verse, we have the key to unlocking the mystery not only of Twin Peaks but virtually all of Lynch’s films: the suspension of normal laws of time (“futures past”) and the idea that the magician lives “between two worlds.” The suspension of normal, linear narrative event in favor of a dreamlike, hallucinatory set of images that are taking place all over the fourth dimension is part of Lynch’s appeal as a director, and part of what makes his films so frustrating to the film-goer. His realization that there are two worlds, and a place to stand between them, is what contributes to his aura as a modern, twenty-first century initiate of the Mysteries, for that is what “mystery” films are: elucidations of the core Mystery behind reality.” (Sinister Forces, Vol. III, pg 151)

Allegedly Marilyn Monroe's DOD identification.Allegedly Marilyn Monroe’s DOD identification.

Intrigue doesn’t stop there. Writer Craig Heimbichner sees the entire complex of Hollywood like Oz, calling to mind the most well-known film of all time, The Wizard of Oz. Heimbichner sees Oz as an occult allegory of Tinseltown itself: “We are in a universal lapse into a state of immaturity; a true indicator we are in some sort of “era of the child.” Hypnotized by computers, Tvs, DVDs, CDs, palm pilots, Prozac, Paxil, and pot, the average zombie has left behind considerations of others, as though “others” were a TV show which one could laugh and shut off. Zombies rise in the morning, watch morning TV shows, scan the newspapers and receive new programming, go to work, and come home to passively watch more programming. If the zombies have an original thought, it is almost invariably a selfish one. But the absurdity is even the selfish thought reflects the cradle-to-crypt programming from the television, that other Eye of Set.”

“You’re getting sleepy.”

Continuing, Heimbicher elucidates,

“…the Wizards of Oz. Such shadow-players are the true OTO Templars, the real magicians whose wand of hypnosis exorcizes the powers of reason, and whose smoke-and-mirrors show obscures the true nature of the game. The OTO’s book proclaiming a pseudo-freedom is appropriately named Liber Oz (The Book of Oz). The word “Oz” is Hebrew for strength. The Zohar relates in 3:208a and 212a-b that all who learn magic must journey to “the mountains of darkness,” the abode of the rebel angels Aza and Azael, and learn under their auspices. Aza and Azael are phonetically related to Oz. Employing gematria, the branch of Kabbalah devoted to numerological obsession, Oz relates to 77: 7+7=14, a number of Venus; 1+4=5, the number of the pentagram, which masonically relates to the “Five Points of Fellowship,” chastely enacted in a regular lodge, but given a fully sexual initiatory significance in higher degrees.” (Blood on the Altar, pg. 132).

The “smoke and mirrors” description is perfect, given the wizard behind the curtain of Hollywood are drab old studio executives nowadays working with the intelligence agencies, calling the shots for occulted reasons, for the purpose of mesmerizing the Dorothy populace of Amerika. The Hollywood magical City of Oz doesn’t exist, in fact, and is instead a place where reality comes closer to the film 8mm, where Nicolas Cage plays an investigator who follows the underworld of film production to the lowest point on the downward spiral. Holly-Oz is where naïve princesses go to become whores or end up in porn, like Betty/Diane in Mulholland Drive, and after they’re used up, the system tosses them away as refuse or kills them like so many stars and starlets who have been “suicided” or sacrificed to the system. The recent tragic losses in Hollywood, as well as the seemingly bizarre behavior exhibited by so many a pop star like Miley Cyrus or Amanda Bynes, demonstrates this perfectly. “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?” (Mark 8:36)

See Kenneth Anger’s documentary, Hollywood Babylon:

Read more here:: Hollywood Babylon – The Inside Story on the Occult Empire

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The Rundown Live #338 Adam Kokesh (Sentencing,RV Tour,Ninja Turtles)

Thumbnail for 29487The Rundown Live #338 Adam Kokesh (Sentencing,RV Tour,Ninja Turtles) (9/18/14)

The Rundown Live LIVE M-F 8C/9E

On this Thursday edition of The Rundown Live, Kristan and I go over the sponsors, and the site before are joined by our guest Adam Kokesh, getting into many topics like, Adam’s sentencing, RV Tour announcement, Freedom, ninja turtles, music, and much more. This one is worth checking out! Make sure you like, recommend and subscribe! Links below!

Audio Version Here
Adam Kokesh Gets No Jail Time After Facing 15 Years for Loading a Shotgun




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The post The Rundown Live #338 Adam Kokesh (Sentencing,RV Tour,Ninja Turtles) appeared first on The Rundown Live.

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