Meet the Strawman to Erase Our First Amendment Online

By The Rundown Live

We walk around in the real world, but public debate and discourse happens primarily online, where “rights” are trifles to corporate platforms. Free speech is now a unicorn.
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They’re Coming For Me Next

By The Rundown Live

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The State Of Unite The Right A Year After Charlottesville (HBO)

By The Rundown Live

In the summer of 2017, the alt right was an internet movement, and its rally in Charlottesville was intended to prove they could operate in the real world. It proved the opposite. The marchers had promised there would be more to come — but that’s not what happened. ​

“There’s not big alt right demonstrations at present. And that is largely due to Charlottesville,” Chris Cantwell told VICE News, a year after the rally. Cantwell had been home about two weeks. He’d been charged with a felony for macing people in the 2017 torch march, and that kept him in Virginia for almost a year, either in jail or under GPS monitoring. In late July, he pled guilty to misdemeanor assault and battery, and was banished from the state for five years.

“There was a lot of violence, a lot of chaos, a lot of lawfare — guys went to prison over this. And that understandably caused a lot of people to reconsider whether they wanted to have anything to do with it,” Cantwell said of Charlottesville. “And there wasn’t a whole lot of agreement about how to go forward, and that, to put it charitably, left us fractured.”

The aftermath of the rally has put a crushing pressure on the alt right. It’s been booted from mainstream social media. Its leaders can’t raise much money online, because crowdfunding sites reject them, and companies that process credit card payments keep kicking them off. (Cantwell said he’s been kicked off four payment processors, and has applied and been rejected from nearly 100 more.) Marchers who showed their faces in Charlottesville were doxxed, and when their identities were posted online, many were fired.

Antifa are a menacing presence at nearly every white nationalist public event. The anti-fascists have been able to do that by infiltrating white nationalist communications networks.

Over the last year, VICE News followed several alt right figures as they tried to push the movement into the mainstream. Both Richard Spencer and Matthew Heimbach went out on college tours to reach out to young people, and ended up speaking to nearly empty rooms. Both quit soon after.

Cantwell lives alone, in an apartment with very dark curtains. His shelves are filled with protein powder and nutritional supplements, he has a room full of exercise equipment, and he’s taped up signs reminding him to “STOP SAYING FUCK” on the fridge and in the bathroom. His sole source of income is his racist content business. He wants the alt right to learn how to organize, meet each other in person, and keep secrets. “I try not to look at the world in terms of regrets or whatever. What I try to do is look at it in terms of lessons learned,” Cantwell said. “I learned that the alt right, for all this talk of order, is not all that orderly.”

Cantwell says that whatever the social cost of being a white nationalist, it’s worth it. The cause has given him purpose. “I already am celebrated by more people than most people are. I mean, I matter, right? Most people don’t matter,” he said. “Most people will go through the world mostly unnoticed, and they’re happy with that. I have more people who care about me than almost anybody else.”

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This Is How You Print A 3D Gun In Your Living Room (HBO)

By The Rundown Live

They talked about it like it was some sort of technological doomsday.

August 1st was supposed to be the day when ready-made blueprints for 3D printed guns would be released on the internet, and allow anyone to manufacture unlicensed, and untraceable, deadly weapons in their living rooms.

When Alfredo Orejuela heard about all this, his reaction was something like an eye-roll.

Orejuela is the CEO of STEAMporio. He manufacturers cheap, easy to use 3D printers for sale to schools and maker studios. And he considers the battle over 3D printed guns long over — he’s been experimenting with 3D printed plastic guns for years. The blueprints, regardless of what a judge says, were already out there.

“We’re in an era where people can get the latest Drake album or Infinity War at will,” he told VICE News. “To think you can control or stop the flow of data on the internet is absolutely ludicrous.”

The gun-blueprints project started about five years ago, when Cody Wilson, a self-described crypto-anarchist and gun enthusiast, released online the designs for a fully 3D printed gun he called the Liberator.

They were available for only a few days before the government ordered him to take them down; in that time, the schematics were downloaded tens of thousands of times.

Wilson told VICE News that he is on an ideological mission: to prove that abundant guns in America are inevitable — and that gun control is doomed.

“There’s literally more guns than people, maybe two guns for every person in this country,” Wilson said. “You know you don’t need a 3D printer to get to your nightmare scenario.”

Orejuela doesn’t share Wilson’s vision. He’s no fan of firearms. But on this he agrees with Wilson: the ease of acquiring guns is not a consequence of 3D printing.

For one thing, Orejuela says, the guns that 3D printing machines make really aren’t all that good: To produce one that would function without exploding takes days of painstaking work, and thousands of dollars of machinery. (Wilson concedes this much: The Liberator, he told VICE, “doesn’t really work.”) There are already easy-to-use machines that can make high quality guns, or the parts for guns, much more cheaply — including a CNC machine, which can produce parts out of metal.

What happens in the future is anyone’s guess — and Orejuela agrees it’s a certainty that 3D printing will only get easier, and cheaper. Quality, untraceable guns may very well be printable in people’s living rooms.

No amount of fretting will stop that.

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Censorship is Wrong, We Must Guarantee Free SPeech

By The Rundown Live

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The Real Truth About The Space Force

By The Rundown Live

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on the space force, the 6th military service of the U.S that U.S President Donald Trump and Vice President Pence announced will be ready around 2020 to of course counter Russia and China. Maybe UFO’s and Aliens too, who knows but just watch this video.

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“Trump Dossier” Author Christopher Steele Was Paid By FBI

By The Rundown Live

FBI documents now prove that Christopher Steele, the author of the infamous “Steele Dossier” was being paid by the FBI just before he went to work for Fusion GPS. What else is the FBI not telling us about the “Trump-Russia Investigation”? Let’s give it a Reality Check. Check out our sponsor SmartCash at


By The Rundown Live

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We are all Alex Jones Now!
Regardless of what you think of the man this recent internet purge of Alex Jones by the major tech companies is wrong on every level and it needs to be rejected and exposed for the sake of free speech, freedom and liberty. This blatant attack on the free flow of information shows how all the major tech companies have made themselves gods of political opinions and the gatekeepers of the infowar. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth explains why the internet purge of Alex Jones is a direct attack on all free speech and why we must support Alex and anyone else who challenges the status quo now more than ever before it’s too late!

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First, They Came For Alex Jones

By The Rundown Live

“Hate speech” is a political concept and should be regarded as such.

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