B.S. ALERT – Ebola Decoy

Start the video in the link at (1 Minute) Listen closely and you will here the MSM media changing their story. Now it is She has received 3 doses and he received 1 dose. HOGWASH! I thought that he gave her the ONLY dose. Why the sudden change?

How much you want to bet, that they will insist that it was the serum that saved his life! Uh, no, they clearly stated early in the game that he gave the ONLY dose to her and that he received a blood transfusion from a survivor of Ebola.

The Rundown Live #305 Open Lines (Tracking Students,Martial Law,Ebola)


The Rundown Live #305 Open Lines (Tracking Students,Martial Law,Ebola) (8/1/14)

The Rundown Live LIVE M-F 8C/9E

On this Friday edition of The Rundown Live, Kristan and I go over the sponsors, and the site before we open up the lines and get into topics like, RFID & monitoring student behavior, martial law for every crime all the time, Ebola outbreak & other diseases, calls from, Tony,Scott, Adam, and much more. This one is worth checking out! Make sure you like, recommend and subscribe! Links below!

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“We’re All Zionists !!” Geraldo Rivero Admits The Truth About The Media

As Israel continues to murder Palestinians, the American propaganda machine hasn’t slowed down for a second. In fact that have actually picked up the pace in the race to win the hearts and minds of the American tax payers. With 1 Israeli confirmed killed and 1334 Palestinians killed, many Innocent Woman and children, the American media continues to try and convince people of why Israel should keep killing Palestinians. Unfortunately it isn’t hard to fool the American public, the rule of thumb is that if it is said on television.. Well, than it is true. Recently there has been some back and forth between Russell Brand and Sean Hannity about Israel and Palestine. On one of the panels on the Sean Hannity show, Geraldo Rivero made some statements that seemed to confirm some things that many people have been saying for quite some time now. That being that the American Corporate Owned Media is in the tank for Israel, and that the Israeli lobby is the most influential lobby on the United States Government. It seems that all of these accusations have been realized.

Hannity, FULL Segment

We’re All Zionists !!

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“If I Don’t Pay This Seatbelt Ticket, You’d Eventually Kill Me”

Thumbnail for 6477PA State Police:
(717) 783-5599
Trooper Crump

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Ebola Treatments And The Cure Of Irresponsibility

Thumbnail for 6467Here is the link that proves the human testing was done Prior to the first case to show up in February. For those of you who thinks a cashless society is impossible, look ahead. It makes one think of Imposed RFID

Government Pays Out Millions To Brain Damaged Children Caused By Vaccines

The investigation looking into the link between vaccines and autism found that a substantial number of children compensated for vaccine injury also have autism.  The Government has asserted that it “Does Not Track” Autism among the vaccine-injured.  Based on this preliminary investigation, the evidence suggests that Autism is at least three times more prevalent among vaccine-injured children than among children in the general population.

In 1995 Wakefield came to a fork in the road. As an academic gastroenterologist at the Royal Free School of Medicine and the University of London, Wakefield was presented with a professional challenge and confronted by a moral choice. Previously normal children were, according to their parents, regressing into autism and developing intestinal problems – many parents blamed the MMR vaccine. Trusting in his medical training, parental narrative, and above all, the instinct of mothers for their children’s wellbeing, he chose the hard road.
Walk that road now, here; some already have – the parents of affected children. Many will, either as parents or grandparents, as the worldwide tsunami of childhood developmental disorders break hearts and bankrupts educational and healthcare infrastructures.
Wakefield provides the facts, an explanation of the problem that confronted him and his colleagues 15 years ago. He does this in a detailed forensic analysis of the lies, obfuscation, cover ups, and the dystopian science and medicine that panders to commercial interest at the expense of your children.


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Marinette County Votes to Continue Bearcat Purchase


Travis Provo | The Rundown Live

Marinette county Sheriff Jerry Suave has succeeded at getting his department equipped with armored trucks.

The county board of supervisors rejected a proposal to have the proposed purchase of the Bearcat for $252,000 removed from the couny’s 2015 Captial Improvement Plan (CIP).

The sheriff and the Lt. told the board the need for the Bearcat was reinforced by an incident in the Town of Goodman in which a man from Green Bay was found dead in a wooded area from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot after shooting at an Illinois couple and a sheriff’s squad car.

EHExtra reports:

“This is serious business folks,”Suave said. ” We need this vehicle, the need for it is only going to increase the future”.

“I would urge you to support law enforcement. Please don’t vote against the Bearcat because you don’t think we have the need for it. This is not a want, we have a need for this. Every chief of police in this county is ver supportive of my initiative to make this reality”.

“These are the types of incidents that are a risk to citizens and law enforcement,” Ducane said. “We as law enforcement people get thrust into these situations immediately and frankly need protection.”

“We knew this individual (last Thursday) had a scope rifle in his vehicle. I don’t think anybody is this room, including myself, wants to walk into a heavily wooded area looking for somebody with a scoped rifle who’s already fired at law enforcement and citizens who are traveling through our county.”

“You (the sheriff) know I respect you and your department and I understand the safety issues,” said Just. “But we’ve got 118 people at Human Services that we can’t serve.

“They need attention, too. We all have wishes and I know this is an important wish. I consider this a wish and I just can’t support it. We need to look at things we absolutely need to have.”

“The need may be there,” he said. “My concern is what we owe to our constituents, that we’re obligated to serve some of their needs.

“I have not heard positive comments about the Bearcat since our July 14 Law Enforcement Committee meeting.”

“I think we’re a little ahead of our time in purchasing this,” Bauer added. “I think this is a want right now and not a real need.”

One problem is no one is analyzing the negatives that could come out of this.

What about the type of money being used on armored trucks?

What would they even use these for?

Would they use them against innocent citizens?

Anyone that’s targeted is treated as a supposed terrorist.

Coming from a citizen of Marinette I see no reason for this, it’s a waste of money and its just way to further the police state.

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