School Nurse Won’t Treat Student Who Refused to Recite Pledge of Allegiance

By The Rundown Live


Carey Wedler | ANTIMEDIA

These people apparently take the Pledge of Allegiance pretty seriously.

Carlisle, PA — In another all-too-common occurrence, a public school student was punished by a school official for refusing to say the pledge of allegiance. At Wilson Middle School in Pennsylvania, a nurse told a teenage girl that if she refused to say or stand for the pledge, she could refuse the right to treat her.

The eighth grader contacted the American Humanist Association to file a complaint which resulted in a letter to the Carlisle County School District from attorney Monica Miller. It detailed the student’s version of events:

‘Why didn’t you stand for the Pledge?’ the nurse reportedly asked loudly. The student said that she explained that she had the right not to participate. ‘Fine! Then leave! I have the right to not service you!’ the student said the nurse shouted in reply.

When the girl left the nurse’s office to call her mother, the nurse reportedly yelled,

She isn’t calling a parent until I have a long conversation with her!

When the student met with a counselor, he told her that while she didn’t have to recite the pledge, she should stand in the hallway while others did so. According to Miller,

The student politely tried to explain that she is under no obligation to stand in the hallway as such, to which the counselor replied that it was ‘district policy,’ apparently unaware that ‘district policy’ does not trump federal law.

Across the country, students have been reprimanded for refusing to say the pledge of allegiance in its entirety or at all. They are even reprimanded for insinuating that it is not requiredeven though the 1943 Supreme Court case, West Virginia Board State Board of Education v. Barnette established that no one could be forced to recite it.

In Miller’s letter, which demanded an apology to the eighth grader, she summarized the dangers of forcing students to recite a pledge to their country and flag:

The actions of the nurse are indefensible, as she provides an example of the kind of overzealous, dangerous patriotism that any true patriot would loathe. […] Moreover, the nurse’s refusal to give the child medical attention calls into question her fitness for the job.

While students are routinely punished for legally not saying this pledge, this instance is particularly disturbing. That a medical practitioner would refuse to treat a student in need of medical assistance (it is unclear why she was in the nurse’s office) over what amounts to a nationalistic poem shows how deluded blind patriotism can cause people to become.

While it seems benign to pledge such loyalty, forcing a student to recite words they do not want to is unacceptable. Worse, the values the pledge of allegiance claims to honor are repeatedly trampled. “With liberty and justice for all” are now archaic terms, written in a time (1892) when such privileges were not afforded to “all” citizens. Over a century later, the progress made with the repeal of Jim Crow laws and desegregation has been cancelled out by policies that oppress citizens of all colors (and still disproportionately affect minorities).

This adherence to symbols of the state is but a small manifestation of the militant nationalism that permeates American society. It is the same attachment to “being American” that has authorized perpetual war, police brutality, domestic spying, and virtually anything politicians care to justify under the guise of patriotism.

The Carlisle School District said it is aware of the complaint from the American Humanist Association and is currently investigating it. In spite of this, it is clear that a simple apology is not enough to combat the deeply embedded culture of obedience that runs rampant in public schools, institutions, and in the minds of authoritarian Americans.

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Read more here:: School Nurse Won’t Treat Student Who Refused to Recite Pledge of Allegiance


Daily Marijuana Use Has No Long Term Physical Effects On The Brain

By TheRundownLive


HigherPerspective | The Rundown Live

New research published in The Journal of Neuroscience has confirmed what most pot smokers will gladly tell you: that daily consumption of marijuana is not associated to physical changes in certain regions of the brain. From the study:

Groups were matched on a critical confounding variable, alcohol use, to a far greater degree than in previously published studies. We acquired high-resolution MRI scans, and investigated group differences in gray matter using voxel-based morphometry, surface-based morphometry, and shape analysis in structures suggested to be associated with marijuana use, as follows: the nucleus accumbens, amygdala, hippocampus, and cerebellum. No statistically significant differences were found between daily users and nonusers on volume or shape in the regions of interest. Effect sizes suggest that the failure to find differences was not due to a lack of statistical power, but rather was due to the lack of even a modest effect. In sum, the results indicate that, when carefully controlling for alcohol use, gender, age, and other variables, there is no association between marijuana use and standard volumetric or shape measurements of subcortical structures.

At the end of the day, marijuana didn’t have some of the negative impacts that other research and media pundits claim it does. And that’s probably something that just about anyone who’s ever smoked marijuana could tell you.


Fossils From An Unknown Species Of Human Discovered

By TheRundownLive


HigherPerspective | The Rundown Live

Not quite human, not quite Neanderthal, but something else. That’s what scientists who have discovered fossilized teeth in China are calling it. The teeth likely belonged to hybrids of known populations of hominids, or to a whole new species of human that we simply never knew of.

Homo neanderthalensis lived in Europe and western Asia, while Homo sapiens lived in Africa. A mysterious group of extinct human relatives called Denisovans were present in Siberia, and Homo floresiensis lived in Indonesia. These teeth were recovered from an early Late Pleistocene site in Northern China.

“Teeth are like ‘landscapes in miniature,’” María Martinón-Torres of CENIEH, the author of the study tells the BBC. “Each of those slopes, grooves, valleys define a pattern or combination of features that can be distinctive of a population.”

Their findings effectively indicate the existence of a population in China that is remarkably similar to both Homo sapiens and Neanderthals, but are of an “unclear taxonomic status.” They could have been a result of interbreeding between different Homo species, or maybe a lineage all of its own.

“What we have seen is an unknown group for us,” Martinón-Torres says. But she cautions: “We cannot go further to say it’s a new species because we need to compare it to other things.”

Images via Centro Nacional de Investigación sobre la Evolución Humana


Report: People Who Live Near Trees Are Healthier, Take Fewer Antidepressants

By TheRundownLive


HigherPerspective | The Rundown Live

A team from the University of Exeter has found that trees aren’t just pretty to look at, but they also have reliable, tangible impacts on human health. According to their research, Londoners who had more trees in their lives popped fewer pills and were overall healthier.

Researchers gathered data on antidepressant use across London from 2009 – 2010 and paired that data with the number of trees in their neighborhoods. The results were rather straight forward: the places with the highest tree densities had the lowest rate of prescription.

Additional research by the USDA’s Forest Service also found that people who live around trees are physically healthier.

“About 850 lives are saved each year, the number of acute respiratory symptoms is lower by about 670,000 incidents each year, and the total health care savings attributed to pollution removal by trees is around $7 billion a year,” the report says.

The authors of the Exeter study did note that they adjusted their data to socioeconomic and employment status, as well as prevalence of smoking and age.

The post Report: People Who Live Near Trees Are Healthier, Take Fewer Antidepressants appeared first on Higher Perspective.


Study Quantifies Market Value of Nature’s Farming Services

By The Rundown Live

Thumbnail for 188154

Heather Callaghan | NaturalBlaze

Let’s hope the Earth doesn’t start demanding wages for its free services, but why aren’t we using them?

Can you imagine a workers’ strike among the bees, insects that demand more for aphid removal services, soil that churns out resignation slips, earthworms who stop drilling, plants who refuse to pull nitrogen out of the air and place back in the soil?

Researchers from multiple countries wondered what would happen if nature’s services were factored into grocery prices. (Yikes. Please don’t.) But more than that – why isn’t this free labor being leveraged more to help farmers and stop ravaging the environment? Why is it not considered a value to be looked at with a dollar sign?

How much would an acre of crops be worth with this algorithm? And does that mean organic crops are worth more and leverage free eco-services more?

Researchers from multiple countries quantified the economic value of two ecosystem services – biological control of pests and the release of nitrogen from soil organic matter into plant-accessible forms – in 10 organic and 10 conventional fields on New Zealand grain farms.

What they found when leveraging natural services and calculating their value:

Values greater for organic systems

The values of the two ecosystem services were greater for the organic systems, averaging $146 per acre each year compared to $64 per acre each year in their conventional counterparts.

The combined economic value, including the market value of the crops and the non-market value of the two ecosystem services, was also higher in the organic systems, averaging $1,165 per acre each year compared with $826 per acre each year in conventional fields.

The study showed that the value of the two ecosystem services on the organic farms exceeded the combined cost of traditional pesticide and fertilizer inputs on the conventional farms. The scientists calculated that the potential value of these two services could exceed the global costs of pesticides and fertilizers for growing similar crops, even if the two services were used in just 10 percent of the world’s cropland.

Previous studies have shown how profitable and plentiful it can be to use nature’s free services. Australia can use a natural method deeper in the dirt to increase yields without GMOs and other costly methods. One researcher discovered a better crossbreeding (non-GMO) method to make plants produce even more during a drought. And perhaps the most profound was discovering that introducing multiple bee species could explode yields and bring unforeseen profits. The value of the additional bees’ work totaled almost $1.5 million per year for yields in just one state. Innovation abounds within nature’s own confines – plus there is still room for profit.

Even though the above study probably has good intentions, it also has the “sustainability” babble that seems to suggest high organic prices are okay because it expresses the “true worth” of nature’s services. That, of course, would be absurd, because nature doesn’t exactly get paid in cash or credit. Where would the extra profit go – is someone leaving $20 bills in bee hives? Organic prices should be lower for both farmer and consumer.

Truthfully, the researchers agree and are simply imploring that the value of better stewardship be factored in – instead of dismissing it as worthless and then spending money on chemicals for short-term convenience. They emphasize both value and profits.

For instance, diverse crop rotations and cover crops can add value, nutrients, yields and profits – IF farmers are able to. Meaning, if they were able to still make a living instead of being driven to repetitious monoculture. Instead of eradicating nature like it’s a foe, it makes more sense (and cents) to usher it in as a profit partner.

The lead author, who wants to get back to incentives for better farming and bring back full-scale eco use, said:

Many people think it’s the responsibility of farmers to enhance the benefits that nature provides. But it’s not always economically feasible because the current market system doesn’t recognize the value of these services.

The reason organic prices are incredibly high has everything to do with shady politics, agri/food politics and the economy and its manipulators. It doesn’t have to be that way – if anything, this study demonstrates one reason why. Working with and leveraging nature is cost effective and can be profitable to farmers, provided they can be allowed and encouraged to use those natural methods without missing a beat or getting punished. Of course, more profit to non-corporate farmers using these methods could be seen as threatening to biotech and chemical services….

Image by Saffron Blaze, licensed under Creative Commons.

Heather Callaghan is a natural health blogger and food freedom activist. You can see her work at and Like at Facebook.

Read more here:: Study Quantifies Market Value of Nature’s Farming Services


Who Is Hillary Clinton?

By The Rundown Live

Who Is Hillary Clinton?


Hillary Clinton is taking another try at the White House as a 2016 presidential candidate. She is no stranger to politics and the media. So, how did she get to where she is now?

Learn More:

Biography: Hillary Rodham Clinton

“A tough and pragmatic leader, outspoken advocate for social justice and women’s rights, and resilient and intelligent politician, Hillary Rodham Clinton has achieved many “firsts” in her roles as First Lady of the United States, U.S. Senator, presidential candidate, and Secretary of State.”

Speech on Women’s Rights: Remarks by First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton

“We are pleased to celebrate today that more women and girls are learning to read and write and, often for the first time, nations and families are investing in girls’ education. We’re also pleased that women are living longer and healthier lives and that more of us are surviving childbirth as we gain greater access to health care and reproductive services.”

New Hope For Afghanistan’s Women,8599,185643,00.html

“‘We can start by including women in the rebuilding process in Afghanistan. And just as the Clinton Administration withheld recognition of the Taliban government and condemned its treatment of women, we must not recognize any successor government until women have the right to determine what role they will play in 21st century Afghanistan.’”

Watch More:

Why Republicans Aren’t Funny

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False Flag Attacks | CLASSIC

By The Rundown Live

False Flag Attacks | CLASSIC

Imagine if a government disguised its operatives as members of some other organization — and then attacked itself. While this might sound crazy, several historians have argued that false flag attacks are more than just conspiracy theories.

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New Study: For Every 1000 People Killed by Police, Only 1 Cop is Convicted of a Crime

By TheRundownLive

Thumbnail for 188099

Josie Wales | FreeThoughtProject

A new study released by the Washington Post reveals that for every 1000 people killed at the hands of police, only one officer is convicted of a crime. Since 2005, although there have been thousands of fatal shootings by police officers, only 54 have been charged. Of those charged, most were cleared or acquitted.

This analysis is, to date, the most comprehensive of its kind. According to the Post:

“The 54 criminal prosecutions were identified by Bowling Green State University criminologist Philip M. Stinson and The Washington Post. Cases were culled from news reports, grand jury announcements and news releases from prosecutors. For individual cases, reporters obtained and reviewed thousands of pages of court records, police reports, grand jury indictments, witness testimony and video recordings. Dozens of prosecutors and defense attorneys in the cases were interviewed, along with legal experts, officers who were prosecuted and surviving relatives of the shooting victims.”

It stands to reason that if there are thousands of fatalities due to police shootings, the number of police charged would be much higher than it is. According to the analysis, in order for prosecutors to press charges, there had to be exceptional factors at play. These include “a video recording of the incident, a victim shot in the back, incriminating testimony from other officers or allegations of a coverup.”

According to Bowling Green criminologist Philip M. Stinson, “To charge an officer in a fatal shooting, it takes something so egregious, so over the top that it cannot be explained in any rational way. It also has to be a case that prosecutors are willing to hang their reputation on.”

On the rare occasion an officer is charged with a crime, the punishment on average is much lower than would be expected, some spending only weeks behind bars. The prosecutors and defense lawyers interviewed in the study attribute this to the fact that “Jurors are very reluctant to punish police officers, tending to view them as guardians of order.”

The most alarming part about this study is that the number of people fatally shot by police could potentially be much higher because police departments are not required to keep the database of police shootings updated. This is terrifying, as it’s arguably one of the most important records a police department could keep.

The odds are most certainly stacked against the victims of police shootings due to a lack of accountability across the board. Police officers are afraid to speak out against coworkers in fear of crossing the “thin blue line.” They receive paid vacations for misconduct. Thuggish police unions protect the violent cops and courts are constantly ruling in favor of police officers after brutally murdering innocent people. The system is set up to either reward or ignore bad police behavior, and these killings will undoubtedly continue unless a drastic change in procedure is made.

Read more here:: New Study: For Every 1000 People Killed by Police, Only 1 Cop is Convicted of a Crime


The American Mercenaries Found Guilty Of A Massacre In Iraq

By The Rundown Live

The American Mercenaries Found Guilty Of A Massacre In Iraq


The 2007 Nisour Square massacre resulted in 17 civilian deaths in Baghdad, Iraq. So what was this incident about, and who was responsible for these deaths?

Learn More:

From Errand to Fatal Shot to Hail of Fire to 17 Death

“It started out as a family errand: Ahmed Haithem Ahmed was driving his mother, Mohassin, to pick up his father from the hospital where he worked as a pathologist. As they approached Nisour Square at midday on Sept. 16, they did not know that a bomb had gone off nearby or that a convoy of four armored vehicles carrying Blackwater guards armed with automatic rifles was approaching.”

Baghdad Blackwater shooting verdict

“U.S. District Judge Royce C. Lamberth of the District presided over a 10-week trial of four former Blackwater security guards accused of killing 14 unarmed Iraqis and injuring 17 others in one of the most controversial episodes of the Iraq war, a botched security operation in Baghdad’s Nisour Square on Sept. 16, 2007.”

Former Blackwater guards sentenced for Nisour Square shooting

“A U.S. judge on Monday handed down lengthy prison terms to four former Blackwater guards convicted in the 2007 massacre of 14 unarmed Iraqis, potentially closing a chapter of the U.S. war in Iraq that tested relations between the two countries.”

Watch More:

Why Is the USA Still Fighting in Iraq?

Who’s Running Iraq?

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The Spiritual Link Between Schizophrenia And Shamanism

By TheRundownLive


TIMEWHEEL | The Rundown Live

Schizophrenia is understood to be a long term, disabling mental condition with which the afflicted individual interprets reality abnormally. ‘Schizophrenic’ behavior includes, but is not limited to: faulty perception, mental fragmentation, withdrawal from reality into fantasy, and inappropriate actions and feelings which frequently causes schizophrenic individuals to be involuntarily committed to psychiatric hospitals for treatment. Is there really anything ‘wrong’ with the minds of schizophrenic individuals, or are the leaders of modern society, and society itself, afraid of allowing these individuals to embrace their altered perception?

Today, shamans and other mediums or people with proclaimed “psychic abilities” seem to have access to similar realms as those deemed ‘schizophrenic’. The primary difference is that the shaman or medium can carry out their everyday duties and responsibilities without being as negatively impacted by these realms of experience as those suffering from the state known as schizophrenia. Many of the daily encounters of those with schizophrenia also seem to have some overlap with experiences had during the course of a psychedelic episode.

In the traditional societies of our ancestral world, ‘schizophrenic’ behavior was a sign of a link between one’s consciousness and the realm of the divine. If one were to demonstrate this sort of behavior, the individual would be lead away from the pack and submerged in the teachings and guidance of the master Shaman. They would receive support and would be told “You are special. Your abilities are very central to the health of our society. You will cure. You will prophesize. You will guide our society in its most fundamental decisions.”

Today, however, a person demonstrating this type of behavior is more likely to hear “You don’t fit in. You are becoming a problem. You don’t pull your own weight. You are not of equal worth to the rest of us. You are sick. You have to go to the hospital. You have to be locked up.” Once viewed as gifted spiritual leaders, individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia are now negligibly subjected to ‘correction’ through imprisonment in a psychiatric treatment facility.

“Imagine if you were slightly odd, and the solution were to take you and put you – lock you into a place where everyone was seriously mad. That would drive anyone mad! If you’ve ever been in a madhouse, you know that it’s an environment calculated to make you crazy and to keep you crazy.” – Terence McKenna

schizophrenia3_488Individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia have claimed to have had experiences such as hearing voices speaking to them, open eye hallucinations, visions of events, communication with the dead, extraterrestrial interaction, communication with animals, interactions with the divine, visions of heaven/hell, etc. Having distanced ourselves so far from shamanism and ancient practice, it is easy to understand why Western society is so quick to quarantine this type of behavior as an illness; this society has little to no tradition of shamanic embrace or traversing the different realms of consciousness for guidance and insight.

Irregularities in a modern individual’s mental perception are eradicated rather than explored for purpose or meaning. Perhaps if these individuals were given supportive, harmonious environments where their abilities were encouraged, they may provide humanity with knowledge and information we may not receive otherwise.

Evers, Niyati. “Shamanic Perspectives on Mental Illness.” The Icarus Project. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Apr. 2015.

Grover, Sandeep, Triveni Davuluri, and Subho Chakrabarti. “Religion, Spirituality, and Schizophrenia: A Review.” Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine. Medknow Publications & Media Pvt Ltd, n.d. Web. 12 Apr. 2015.

Nightsky, Odette. “Walking the Shamans Path: Not Schizophrenia, But Acute Sensitive.” Walking the Shamans Path. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Apr. 2015.

Terence Mckenna’s Eros and Eschaton Lecture

Wilkins, Anthony. “Undergraduate Research Journal for the Human Sciences.” Undergraduate Research Journal for the Human Sciences. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Apr. 2015.


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