A Lodging of Wayfaring Crypto-Anarchists with Paul Rosenberg (LUA Podcast #73)

By Liberty Under Attack

Paul Rosenburg is a long-time crypto-anarchist, historian, and provider of the best VPN service out there. He is also the author of A Lodging of Wayfaring Men, instantly named Freedom Book of the Month and a major influence in the cyber-underground, along with The New Age of Intelligence, a book he co-authored with Jonathan Logan.

Herein, I conduct the first of a few interviews with him; in this episode, we start with the crypto-anarchist themes in A Lodging of Wayfaring Men, the efficacy of modern encryption technology, the role crypto-currencies and blockchain technology play in the path to personal freedom, and much more.

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Show Notes:
A Lodging of Wayfaring Men
The New Age of Intelligence
CryptoHippie VPN

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LUA 3 Year Anniversary Special with Louie Bee & the Jason’s (LUA Podcast #74)

By Liberty Under Attack

This podcast was recorded on Feb. 8th, 2018, the three year anniversary of Liberty Under Attack Radio’s debut show on the Freedom Phalanx Radio Network. So, we decided to do a special edition of the podcast; I had nothing planned, but just wanted to get some folks together to have some fun and take a look at all of the progress we’ve made in 3 years assisting our listeners with increasing their own personal freedom, among other things.

Louie told some jokes (some more appropriate than others), and Jason Boothe and Jason Paradise joined to celebrate the milestone. 3 years, ya’ll; looking forward to another 3!

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(Interview with Chef Khemuel Sanders) Feeding The Homeless? Here, Have a Police Raid

By Liberty Under Attack

Time and time and time again, I see stories come across Facistbook about a little girl getting her lemonade stand shut down for not having the proper health permits, individuals fined/harassed by government agents for feeding the homeless, etc.

Well, apparently feeding the homeless now warrants a home raid and goons showing up to your house with bulletproof vests on. Here in Decatur, Illinois (where I recently moved to), a gentleman named Chef Khemuel Sanders found himself in this exact, precarious situation.

Help Chef Sanders get back on his feed!

Chef Sanders has always been involved in the community here locally; he helps and mentors at-risk youth, with the goal of teaching them a valuable skill: culinary arts. He is attempting to create a better world around him (and has) by helping those less fortunate.

“No, no,” says the local government. “You can’t do that.”

Earlier this week, he arrived home to police confiscating his cooking equipment, taking food out of his refrigerator, and a whole slew of other bizarre things. He was fined $100 and is unsure as to whether or not he will get his property back. His livelihood, cooking, is also at-risk — his sacrifices to those in need has now drastically affected his life.

In this podcast, I interview Chef Sanders to get a firsthand account of his story. Please help him out by donating to his GoFundMe and share this far and wide. The story has already gotten worldwide attention; that’s good. Now, let’s help him get back on his feet, and more.

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War Is Mass Murder with Scott Horton (LUA Podcast #71)

By Liberty Under Attack

In this episode of Liberty Under Attack Radio, I release my discussion with the great Scott Horton on his new(ish) book, Fool’s Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan, although the discussion expanded beyond that subject. We talked war, the Federal Reserve’s influence on foreign policy, economics, Will Grigg, and more.

[As an aside, I apologize to the listeners that didn’t get their questions addressed! This hour flew by.]

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Building The Second Realm #6: The Second Realm, Vonu, & Agorism – Compared & Contrasted (LUA Podcast #70)

By Liberty Under Attack

Agorism is quite well-known in anarchist circles and is a great way to, both, live your principles and to regain some level of personal autonomy stolen from you from birth. Vonu is a more lesser-known strategy, premised around individuals becoming as invulnerable to coercion as humanly possible. This is done by way of radical lifestyle changes and minimal contact with the statist-servile society, among other things.

So, where does the Second Realm fit in with both of those strategies? How are they similar? Different? Are they compatible?

That is what Kyle Rearden and I set out to discover in this episode of Liberty Under Attack Radio.

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Links/Suggested Reading:
The Vonu Podcast
A Lodging of Wayfaring Men [Excerpt with Link to Book]
The Second Realm: Book on Strategy [Book]
Kyle’s Blog

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Building the Second Realm #5: The Philosophy and Culture of the Second Realm (LUA Podcast #69)

By Liberty Under Attack

What is the philosophy of the Second Realm? What would a Second Realm culture look like, such as music, art, values, etc.? How do these things differ from the First Realm?

In this episode of Liberty Under Attack Radio, Kyle and I attempt to answer these questions. We also revisit the subjects of assassination markets, anarchist vigilantes, and avenging angels to see if they really ARE compatible with the Second Realm.

After hearing this episode, we’re confident (or, read them in Smuggler and XYZ’s book, “Second Realm: Book on Strategy“), it will motivate you in taking positive steps towards the creation of these free minicultures.

As a brief note, later on in this series, we will provide action steps you can take if these ideas interest you.

Please enjoy this conversation, share the podcast around, and consider financially supporting the podcast–we need YOUR help to keep this going. You can become a patron on Patreon for exclusive content by clicking the image below. You can also donate crypto-currencies by clicking here.

Show Notes:
A Lodging of Wayfaring Men [Excerpt with Link to Book]
The Second Realm: Book on Strategy [Book]
Kyle’s Blog

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Away from Coercion, and Into The Free Digital Economy (Essays by James Farber)

By Liberty Under Attack

Away from Coercion, and Into The Free Digital Economy (Essays by James Farber)

Editor’s Note: The following are two essays from Paul Rosenberg’s book titled, “A Lodging of Wayfaring Men,”which I highly recommend every anarchist/crypto-agorist read (FREE DOWNLOAD | AMAZON AFFILIATE). Herein, James Farber, one of the main characters, published an opinion piece in the New York Times discussing the problem of coercion, the negative impact it has on society, the detrimental effect it has on human creativity and innovation, and a request to folks in the statist-servile society: “We don’t want to change your systems–we just want to be left alone.” The time for the Free Digital Economy is now.


It began with Arab traders and the merchants of Venice. They really didn’t know what they were building or how it would work. They merely struggled for the betterment of themselves and their families.

It began to break out when the deep superstition of the middle ages cracked open under the strain of new philosophies and religious ideas.

It found room to grow wherever new and wild vistas were found. It found fresh growth with each discovery of far-off new lands. It found a home everywhere the old order was broken up and fresh starts were being made. It took a firm root in America and flourished there for over a hundred years.

Never again, where history is recorded, will there be any question as to whether or not it works.

“It,” is the great discovery of the modern era: the positive-sum game. It is the liberation of human energy to do its appropriate job. It is the operation of creation, using the only counter-entropic force we have: free human energy.

You can see it work everywhere from the research lab, to the front office, to the construction site. It is what drives the entrepreneur to develop and produce a new product or service, and it is what gives the construction worker pride when his skill overcomes a difficult problem, making a way for his blueprints to become a functional structure. Why is the construction worker proud, and why does the entrepreneur exult? Because they have done the one thing that all humans have the impulse to do – to create something good that would not have been otherwise. Human energy is the great creative force in the world. Without it, things tend to entropy. (As the second law of thermodynamics states, “closed systems tend to entropy.”) Without active and creative human energy, everything goes back to an animal level of existence.

This human energy does not function by obedience and compulsion – it cannot, no matter how many rulers wish it were otherwise. Look at the command economies of the dead socialist world. Within several decades their occupants were reduced to an animal existence. Look at the millennia when constrained people lived at the pleasure of their Kings, seeking permissions from their rulers to live and work. They continually starved and died. It was only when a few freelance merchants began living according to their own minds and breaking away from the permissions of their rulers that things began to change.

When human energy is free to move, creativity goes wild; as do motivation, happiness, and the accumulation of wealth. When it is restrained, the descent to animal existence takes over again.

The discovery of this fact is what differentiates us from the middle ages, and not much else. Do you think the people who lived in those dark times were inherently less intelligent than we are? They were not! You and I are their direct descendants, not many generations removed. We are essentially the same.

The term positive-sum game signifies that this system creates more than the sum of its parts. The only real magic – human energy – creates more than it started with. Take some raw materials that are of themselves are of little worth; and when you add human creativity you can create vehicles, computers, and space ships. The materials themselves have been around since the creation of the earth, if they could have turned into something great of themselves they would have done it long ago. But they cannot – it is only when humans manipulate them according to their own ideas that they gain any value. Thus, five dollars worth of materials becomes a product worth thousands of dollars.

They who do not play the positive-sum game instinctively fall back into being motivated by envy. Ultimately, they find reasons to feel that “there are only so many pieces of the pie.” This is the seed of destruction.

The next thing they say is “if you have a bigger piece of the pie, then someone else has to have less.” That is a zero-sum game – the idea that nothing is really created, just moved from one hand to another. Not only is it false, but it is also the credo of every envious looter who speaks of ‘fairness’ and ‘equal distribution of wealth,’ but who secretly hopes to get a share of wealth held by others.

The real controversy of our time is this: Is human energy allowed to work in the world, or will it be tied down? The miserable experiment of communism has taught the world’s rulers that the positive-sum game is necessary. So, their plan now is to allow human energy to work, but to siphon off as much wealth as possible without killing it all together. We productive people are carrying the governments of the world upon our backs.

Are they worth half of our efforts – half of our lives?

They take half of our earnings away from us continually by a vast web of taxes, fees and regulations – for what benefit? “To help the poor,” they say, and clamorously infer that if you disagree you are a heartless and dangerous person, and further that all will despise you. But if our money is forcibly taken from us, is not the state robbing us? Any dictionary will tell you that this is so, but it is considered poor form to say so – even to consider it.

And are the poor better off? Certainly some of our money goes to the poor (although most is eaten up in the bureaucracy). This feeds their bellies insufficiently, while at the same time locking them into a life of dependance that wages an unending war upon their souls. Is that a good thing? Are the poor better off for this robbing of producers and living in a state of dependency?

Many of you will gasp, and reel in shock that I would challenge the respectability and honor of your tradition, and you fear to let yourselves consider my case. You have come up against someone who does not share in your conspiracy of compliance. You must either turn away from these subjects, or face the prospect of becoming a radical, and of people saying bad things about you.

Are you angry? If so, it is not because I am wrong. If that were the case, you would simply walk away. You are angry because I am ill-mannered enough to bring up subjects that you wish to avoid. My ideas bother you. When they come up, you divert your mind to pat phrases like “that is the price we pay for our society.” You dodge reason, and shunt your thoughts away in order to keep your mental comfort level. You do not face these ideas head-on because you are afraid of them – you are afraid that you might have to agree with them. And then you would have to face the choice either to be a hero or to be a coward.

I stood one evening in IBM Plaza in Chicago, looking over the river-front skyline as the sun sank in the southwest, and realized that the towering monuments to human effort in front of me were the results of the positive sum game run at only half-speed. Chicago was wild and open from the 1830s through the 1890s. Then, slowly, the curbs and limits were imposed by do-gooder government and collectivist types. These inevitably slowed the workings of a city that had been, as one writer said, ‘geared for giants.’ But the restraints were not enough to stop the positive-sum game – only enough to slow it down.

The Chicago skyline I watched was the result of the positive-sum game being played at half-speed, yet its results were awesome. I thought about what might have been if it were allowed to operate unfettered. And then I thought of the greatest example of the positive-sum gave during my lifetime – Hong Kong. It went from rice fields to the grandest city of the east in one generation – an explosion of unrestrained human energy.

What things we have been deprived of! What glorious accomplishments aborted and still-born! And now our recent explosion of technology has become the target of bureaucrats world-wide. Where will we go from here? Will the positive-sum game once again be strangled, or will it migrate to new and open lands?

But! Moving to a new land will be a problem, won’t it? There is no land on this planet that is not claimed by some gang of rulers. So, until cheap space flight is achieved, there is only one new country to be found – cyberspace. So escape there we shall. And there we will – and must, for our own sake and for the sake of our descendants – establish the positive-sum game without restriction.

Toward that end, we have built a private free market. We used our own money to do it, and we’ve broken no laws that we are aware of, save laws that outlaw privacy. Now, the rulers are trying to stop us. Why? We want to run an experiment, and see if freedom really is better than servitude. Why won’t they let us try? Are they interested in the betterment of mankind, or are they really interested in monopoly powers? All we want is to be left alone and to try freedom. Why is that threatening? And why do they wish to imprison us?

-James Farber


History books tell the stories of Rulers. Some are Kings; some, Emperors; some, Presidents or Prime Ministers; and some, potentates of more exotic name. A few of them were more or less benevolent, and others were tyrants. Most were in-between. But they all held one thing in common – they maintained a monopoly on the use of force in their territories. They maintained their right to use coercion, and to prevent all others from doing so.

Stripped of romantic rhetoric and patriotic emotion, the essence of rulership is the ability maintain a monopoly of force. Argue if you like, but you will be arguing with the dictionary.

Every reform of government and rulership to date has kept the central mechanism of coercion in place. Did some governmental reforms lead to improvements? Certainly. They made things considerably less bad. But they left centralized coercion in place. And for every ‘good’ leader that has come along, such as a Washington or a Churchill, we’ve had several times as many Stalins or Maos.

I have friends who study such things, and they assure me that roughly two percent of all people are would-be dictators; if they had the opportunity to oppress the world, they would. Another twelve percent or so are would-be facilitators; that is, when one of the two-percenters comes to power, they are glad to fill a slot and vigorously exercise power over others. Like it or not, these people are out there, and they are drawn to the levers of power. And once every so often, they have their turns. When they do, innocent people die in large numbers. Over one hundred million died this way in the past century. Try to comprehend that… one hundred times one thousand, times one thousand people. Boys, girls, men, women, teenagers, short, tall, strong, weak, dark-skinned, and light-skinned. All of them dead because twisted people were able to take hold of centralized force.

If you have wondered why some of us are so determined to keep governments out of cyberspace, please understand that this is why. We’ve had enough of centralized force. We’re removing the whole mechanism. We think it was a mistake from the beginning. We don’t want there to be anything for the two percent to grab.

If you want coercive rulership, keep it; we won’t try to take it away from you. But we have chosen to opt out. Don’t try to reign us back in. We won’t try to make you live our way, and you don’t try to make us live your way. We are not your property.

Our arrangement has no central mechanism of coercion, and it has been working quite well for a couple of years now. We like it.

This new arrangement has, however, surprised us in several ways. One of the things we discovered was that once you remove the mechanisms of coercion, you remove something else – politics. Politics is the art and science of managing centralized coercion. This is the reason political debates are so infuriating: the final decision leads to unopposable force. Once the political process is completed, you have the choice either to obey, or to be punished.

Coercion is the sine qua non of politics; the thing, without which, politics would not be politics. Indeed, if you remove coercion, politics becomes something else – economics.

Things work by economic means here. If you don’t like the way a market operates, just move to a different one. Or, if no one does it the way you think is right, start your own. There are no protected services here, nothing mandatory. You may opt out of anything you don’t like, or offer any service you like. We couldn’t stop you if you wanted to start a communist collective. The only limitation would be that you could not force anyone to join or remain part of your collective; we have no mechanism for that. The entire system is built around the idea that persuading people to trade with you is moral, and that forcing them is not.

We think our ideas are right, but we will not impose them on you.

You can hold whatever ideas you like, just don’t impose them on us.

All this being said, what really concerns your rulers, and what is driving them to demonize us, is that people are leaving their systems and joining ours.

Your children are joining the free digital economy in huge numbers.

No, the young people are not joining us for historical and philosophical reasons; those things are mostly for us older people. Young people, as always, are looking for adventure and opportunity. In your regulated world, very few people ever get much real adventure or overwhelming success. They read about such things in novels and celebrity tabloids, they see them in movies, but very few of them will actually experience such things. Our world, on the other hand, has adventure and opportunity in wholesale quantities. Your children may have to work hard to get it, but a big life is waiting for them if they wish to earn it.

In our realm, intelligence, daring, and perseverance are rewarded far more directly than in your regulated world. Here, you can be a complete unknown, with no connections and no wealth – but, if you can learn to provide excellent ideas or services, you can get rich. No one here knows or cares about the color of your skin, or your sex, or who you sleep with, or anything of the sort. If you can produce, you’re a player. Want to go from rags to riches? Pick a valuable skill in our world, throw yourself into it with all your might, excel at it, and start selling it. Time and effort are all you need. You don’t need friends in the right places… only value to offer.

And there’s more: The truth is that the best rewards come to those who are first at something new. Jobs and Wozniak were the first to produce a good personal computer, but other people would have done the same thing within a year or two. They got to do all the cool stuff only because they were first. You can say the same thing for every other discovery or invention. Human knowledge is built piece-upon-piece, and new discoveries follow, more or less, in that sequence. If you want to do the really fun things, you have to get to the front of the line.

The stream of human knowledge is now firmly rooted in our world. The frontier of Alvin Toffler’s third wave is in cyberspace, and that’s where the front of the line can be found.

Now, let me tell you about the future of the third wave:

The central ideal of your old world is coercive authority. This is embodied not only in rulership, but in schools, in families, in religions, and in most every area of life. We were all born into a world that told us, “Do what you are told, or we’ll hurt you.” Our parents told us that, our teachers imposed it on us, our gods are envisioned this way, and certainly the rulers of the earth operate this way. From birth to death, continually, it confronts you all.

Having lived with these ideas for a hundred generations, humanity is used to this, and can survive it moderately well. But it is far from ideal. From birth on you are trained to sit, to obey or else, to worry that you might do something wrong without realizing. It puts you in a sort of perpetual cringe, unconsciously cowering in expectation of the next blow. Being used to it is no reason to think that it isn’t damaging.

We have eliminated this. It has no root here, no mechanism. This is having an effect on the world already, although it certainly has a long way to go. But it is here, and it is not fading away.

It may be a generation or two before we begin to see how the coercion-free mind works. Longer before it becomes dominant. Nonetheless, the seedlings have been planted, and they are thriving.

We certainly didn’t start this. Its roots trace back to every free thinker, to every rebel for truth; to the true heros, who, in a thousand different areas of life, had the courage to be right, even in the face of opposition. We are simply carrying on their work at the moment when it threatens to reach critical mass.

If we were simply one more reform movement, we would seek to conquer your system and run it our way. That, however, is not what we are. We do not accept coercion as moral. We do not wish to coerce anyone, and we will not submit to being coerced. We do not want to run your system.

If all of this seems threatening to you, I’m sorry. I know how that can feel. We are not your enemies – we are your friends, and we are your future. We will not harm you. We do not want to take your governments away from you. We do not want to control your governments. We are not asking you to change your lives. We are only withdrawing from your game. Go your own way in peace. We wish you well. We still love you, we still care about you, we’ll still spend time with you, and in the right situation we would defend you. But we will not remain part of your coercive systems. We are pleased to share this planet with you, but we do not wish to share your social structures. We want to do a new thing – a better thing.

If you wish the best for your children, encourage them to step into the new world – a world where they can own their own lives, and enjoy the fruits of their own labor. A perfect world? No. But a much better world than one with centralized coercion and obedience to authority as its main pillars.

We do wish you well.

-James Farber

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The Antiwar Rayo (LUA Podcast #63)

By Liberty Under Attack

War is mass murder. It is the most despicable action the State partakes in and leads to millions of dead, innocent civilians, the destruction of entire civilizations and economies, and leaves many homeless, starving, and dying of disease. It is the modern day version of sacrifice to the Gods, or in this case, the State. It brings out the absolute worst in people; supposed “Christians” who preach and practice non-violence in their daily lives wish and advocate for actions that would eliminate an entire geographical portion of people.

Rayo knew this and wrote about it extensively. He recognized the controlled schizophrenia at play within the servile society when it came to war. He understood the danger he faced in his pursuit of vonuence.

In this episode of The Vonu Podcast, Shane and Jason highlight major instances of controlled schizophrenia in regards to the subject, read a few quotes from Rayo, and lay out some solutions on how to avoid the coercion of war.

As long as there is a servile-society, there will be States. As long as there are States, there will be war. It is incumbent upon all vonuans to take defensive measures against this primitive form of destruction.

Please enjoy this conversation, share the podcast around, and consider financially supporting the podcast–we need YOUR help to keep this going. You can become a patron on Patreon for exclusive content by clicking the image below. You can also donate crypto-currencies by clicking here.

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Spiritual Anarchy, Continued – Part 2 – The Destructive Beliefs of Government and Money

By Liberty Under Attack

Spiritual Anarchy, Continued – Part 2 – The Destructive Beliefs of Government and Money

Editor’s Note: The following is another guest article by John Michael Perseo, the second in a series on the subject of spiritual anarchism. In part one, he discusses the anarchist tendencies of Laura Ingalls Wilder and in this part two, he discusses two incorrect, popularly held beliefs: 1) Government is Good and Necessary, and 2) Money Has Value and is a Positive Tool.

As a free market anarchist, I asked for further verification regarding #2. When he (clearly) talks about government fiat “money”, I obviously, vehemently agree, but it appears he’s promoting a barter economy, not mentioning things like gold, silver, or even crypto-currencies. In regards to his discussion on scarcity, he is certainly correct that the State and some corporations create it artificially; although, it seems Mr. Perseo doesn’t have a position on whether actual, natural scarcity exists. It certainly does exist.

In closing, the spiritual anarchism aspect is intriguing and I thoroughly enjoyed the piece. He is familiar with Austrian economics, but sees the idea of money (ALL mediums of exchange) as contrary to his viewpoint of spiritual anarchism. I’ve talked about having him on the podcast–this subject would make for an interesting discussion.

Please enjoy, share, and please consider emailing John with your comments, thoughts, criticisms, or whatever! I know he’d love to hear from you.

Spiritual Anarchy, Continued – Part 2: The Destructive Beliefs of Government and Money
By: John Michael Perseo
Download this article.

The following is a continuation of the piece I wrote entitled, Laura Ingalls Wilder on Spiritual Anarchy.

In Part 1 readers were given an introduction to Freedom, Anarchy, particularly Spiritual Anarchy, Sovereignty and the laws of Morality (also known as Natural Law). A thorough study of these concepts, along with a considerable amount of introspection, will enable individuals to discover their true identity – who they really are on a deeply profound level – as well as how we co-create our world. The previous article concluded with calling for a need to gain certain knowledge in order for us to properly identify the problems we face, so that we can employ real solutions and create real change. The main causes of the overall dismal state of the world and solutions will be discussed in two parts.

People are becoming increasingly aware that government and authority are dangerous ideas, virtually enemies of humankind. In turn, they are waking up to find the world is not at all as it seems. Many who recognize that freedom is in peril know the extent of the deception, manipulation, and oppression carried out by the Rulers, The Powers That Be, or World Shapers (as this group was referred to in part 1), towards the rest of humanity. Let’s first explore two major worldviews – ways of seeing and accepting the world – that need to be wiped off the face of the Earth and scrubbed from human consciousness, both individually and collectively, if we are to achieve that which we desire for the betterment of humanity and the planet.

Destructive Worldview #1: Government is Good and Necessary

Correct Worldview: Authority and Government Are Evil and Impede Our Aspirations for Humankind and the Earth, and Therefore Must Go

If humankind doesn’t acknowledge and deal with the cancer on this planet, that is authority and government, then we will never achieve the things we all say we want such as freedom, peace, a cleaner Earth, free clean energy and happiness, among other things. None of these utopian visions can ever truly come about unless we rid our lives of authority and government (and money which is discussed later). Authority and government can never aid in such aspirations because its ultimate function is to control, limit, suppress, stifle and impose upon the individual. Authority and government do not function to promote and provide freedom and abundance. Authority and government will always obstruct true freedom, true progress and true human evolution. It’s long overdue that we recognize these unpleasant truths about authority and government.

‘Government’ is the most evil notion in our world in that it limits freedom. Government takes punishment on its enemies, the people, and steals from them to fund their violent deeds. At a most basic level, we all know it is wrong to lie, steal and kill, and yet when it comes to government we more or less allow all sorts of wrongdoings to occur under its name. In addition, billions of human beings are enslaved under states that claim to own all land (property), and trillions of dollars in private property has been destroyed or confiscated by government. Government is a far greater criminal than all the criminals it claims to protect us from. In spite of this, the masses have been conditioned to place their faith in government, which includes the belief and justification that government has the moral right to commit atrocious acts.

Since government is founded upon lying, stealing and killing, and dependent on the obedience of the people, it must in so many ways promote the idea of Moral Relativism – the false belief that right and wrong behaviors are subjective and thus can be determined with each individual and each experience, on a case-by-case basis. Examples of government using moral relativism, or justifying its wrong acts, are: bombing and invading other nations that are ‘evil’ and ‘trying to take away our freedoms and liberties’; stealing money from the people to provide ‘goods and services’ while keeping them ‘safe’ and ‘secure’; and passing laws protecting you from yourself ‘for your own good.’ Government does not recognize nor follow Natural Law, and neither do the people who legitimize and support it. It simply cannot. Rather, it acts in direct opposition to morality pretending to be God as it makes-up and decides what is right and what is wrong.

“The definition of freedom is the infinite value of the human being. The definition of evil is the destruction of freedom. Everything that is evil teaches people that they have limited value. … The crucial key for understanding our world is to understand the nature of evil. Evil challenges the value of people by denying them the opportunity to make their own choices; by denying them the chance to grow strong in learning and understanding. … While evil seeks to destroy or hide a person’s worth, freedom shows humans their full potential and their full value. With freedom, people have loved, cured disease, removed hunger, eased labor and lived in peace. With freedom, happiness is possible. Freedom is the exact opposite of evil.” – Jeremy Locke, The End of All Evil

In light of all that’s been addressed so far, stop and think about it. As long as authority and government remain in our lives the world cannot be freed up or cleaned up. Authority and government in fact stand in the way of a truly better world. The concepts of authority and government are immoral and extremely dangerous to humanity’s freedom, evolution and existence. Authority and Government are evil. They must go.

And What Of Jesus* And Government?

Numerous examples can be cited from the Synoptic Gospels (the Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) in the New Testament of the Bible to demonstrate that Jesus was an Anarchist, a few of which we’ll consider.

At the time when Jesus is said to have lived, the Roman Empire was in power over the land of Palestine, but conditionally gave local civic authority to the religious institutions which administered Jewish law. The story of the life of Jesus demonstrates that he flouted both religious and governmental authorities, who ultimately conspired to arrest and kill him.

During this period, the people throughout the land were living under Old Testament-style, barbaric, authoritarian rule wherein they were forced to follow the strict religious letter of the law and customs, as well as those of the Romans. Jesus, however, sought to uplift the consciousness of the people from their slave mentality, thereby freeing them from the law, man’s law, and bringing them to a spiritual development where they would realize themselves as Sovereign beings and thus become their own Christ or king. This teaching is vital to understanding Jesus the Anarchist.

Sovereignty: The Most Powerful and Dangerous Teaching of Jesus

The most powerful, most controversial, and greatest threat to the religious and governmental establishments was, and still is, Jesus’s teaching to the ‘lowly’ masses that they are Sovereign, free individuals. Jesus teaches that not only are common men and women above the rule of another human being but he declares, “You are the light of the world.” Matthew 5:14. He assures their potential should they activate their Sovereignty and let their light shine for the world to see:

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believes in me, the works that I do he shall do also; and greater works than these shall he do because I go unto my Father.” John 14:12

Jesus wanted the people to recognize their highest potential, their god potential, and become better than him – how profound! Bill Donahue of hiddenmeanings.com described this teaching of Jesus most beautifully when he stated, “Jesus Christ did not incarnate into this world to show you how great he was. Jesus Christ incarnated into this world to show you how great you are!

Contrary to what many so-called Christians and churches claim and preach, Jesus did not wish for anyone to worship or idolize him. Instead he sought to help people acknowledge that they too are the Christ, and teach them to manifest the ‘Christ Consciousness’, the ‘God essence’ that exists within all of us but which lays dormant. He taught that Christ – not a man but rather a divine quality, a higher state of mind – lives within all of us. This is where the true Kingdom of God is found.

The world cannot accept [God], because it neither sees him nor knows him. But you know him, for he lives with you and will be in you. I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. Before long, the world will not see me anymore, but you will see me. Because I live, you also will live. On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you.” – John 14:17-20

“Now having been questioned by the Pharisees as to when the kingdom of God was coming, He answered them and said, The kingdom of God is not coming with signs to be observed; nor will they say, ‘Look, here it is!’ or, ‘There it is!’ For behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” – Luke 17:20-21

The religious and governmental authorities have always known that knowledge is power, particularly the Truth that all human beings are Sovereign, and deathly fear the masses, in discovering this Truth, would then discover their own true nature as individual Christs. For if the masses ever discover within themselves the authority for their own existence, then Religion and Government (Authority) would lose their control over them, rendering these institutions powerless, illegitimate and obsolete.

The Truth regarding our Sovereign nature has been and still is being concealed and bastardized by the Rulers. Examples can be seen in religious establishments which tell their members to bow down and worship Jesus as The Creator of All that exists, and that ‘ordinary’ people are ‘worthless sinners’ who could never be like the “Son of God.” Meanwhile the US Government, via the Southern Poverty Law Center and various high-level think-tank groups, has hi-jacked the term ‘Sovereign’ and paired it with ‘Citizen’ to create an oxymoronic so-called movement known as the “Sovereign Citizens” (For starters, a true Sovereign would never refer to himself as a ‘citizen’, as that term reduces his status to a subject-slave of the state). Based upon this “movement” the SPLC demonizes, criminalizes, and ridicules Americans who identify as Sovereign and do not recognize the government’s authority over them. According to the SPLC, Americans claiming to be Sovereign, or in other words free individuals “hold truly bizarre, complex antigovernment beliefs.” They are considered to be an “extremist group.” This is textbook statist propaganda.

Much like the social and psychological engineering jobs which have twisted the idea of Anarchy, such ploys by the Rulers to distort the concept and meaning of Sovereignty goes to show just how powerful these truths are, and how big of a threat they pose to the establishments of religion and government. The Rulers’ grip on humanity remains firm until people of the world discover, activate and assert their own Sovereignty in accordance with Moral Law.

The Golden Rule – Not in Accord with Government

Unquestionably, Jesus taught and lived the Natural Law which many have come to call The Golden Rule: “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” Luke 6:31. Jesus’s teaching of The Golden Rule is yet another key to understanding that he was a true Anarchist. Because of their very nature, no government on earth could ever function in accordance with The Golden Rule – not in theory nor practice. Government has no option but to violate Natural Law, otherwise it would cease being government.

In direct violation of The Golden Rule, government does to the people what it forbids the people do to them. For instance, government makes and controls all the laws and employs a military, police force, and court system to uphold and enforce them. Private individuals could not set-up or practice any of these things themselves as government would aggressively shut them down. Furthermore, by way of threat, duress, and coercion, government extorts money from the people, formally called “taxation”, while it is illegal for the people to steal from each other or government. Government cannot exist without violating The Golden Rule, and in fact does to others what they don’t want done to them. Government is diametrically opposed to The Golden Rule (Natural Law) and freedom.

Jesus Teaching Natural Law a.k.a. The Golden Rule

The Story of The Temptation of Christ

In the story of The Temptation of Christ (Matthew 4:1-11; Mark 1:12-13; and Luke 4:1-12) it was revealed to Jesus, if he was not already aware, that all earthly governments are under ‘Satan’s’ domain. Upon being baptized, Jesus was led into the desert where he met Satan who tempted him with becoming king of the world in exchange for his worship and loyalty (Allegorically, this is the equivalent of selling one’s soul to serve his own selfish ego, or his ‘false’ or ‘lower’ self, and gain boundless material wealth). As the story goes, Satan unequivocally tells Jesus that earthly governments are under his authority. From an allegorical perspective this makes total sense since government is evil, if we’re being honest with ourselves. Not seeking to rule over and enslave humanity but instead free them, Jesus handles Satan’s offer to make him the head of all earthly kingdoms like a true Spiritual Anarchist:

“Then the devil, taking Him up on a high mountain, showed Him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. And the devil said to Him, “All this authority I will give You, and their glory; for this has been delivered to me, and I give it to whomever I wish. Therefore, if You will worship before me, all will be Yours.” And Jesus answered and said to him, Away from me, Satan! For it is written, ‘You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only you shall serve.’” Matthew 4:8-11

Those who seek the power to rule over other human beings, and enforce authority with all its man-made laws, have indeed turned their backs on humanity and Good (God) by cutting a deal with (D)evil for their own personal gain. Likewise, such individuals have turned their backs on themselves.

Jesus Was Not an Anarchist, He Was THE Anarchist

What Would Jesus Do? Having a fit of rage is within the realm of possibilities.

The story of Jesus’s life embodies true Spiritual Anarchy. Jesus followed his own heart which was aligned with God and God’s Laws, in other words that which is Good, and rejected all external authority. Let’s look at some of his other anarchist ways.

Jesus often spoke out against the religious authorities. In The Gospel of Mark he accuses them of “neglecting the commandments of God in order to maintain the traditions of men.” Mark 7:8. In The Gospel of Matthew he denounces them saying, “Truly, I say to you, the tax collectors and prostitutes will enter the Kingdom of God before you [for your deeds are far worse].” 21:31. In The Gospel of Luke he chastises the ‘lawyers’ who take “away the keys of knowledge” for not doing their internal spiritual work while also preventing others from doing so: “Woe to you, experts in the law! You have taken away the keys of knowledge of the law. You did not enter in yourselves, and you hindered those who want to.” 11:52.

Expressing his disgust for the anthropomorphic, cruel, and petty Jewish god of the Old Testament, Jehovah, in The Gospel of John Jesus boldly tells the Jews that their “Father” is not God but the “Devil.” 8:44.

Jesus even defied Jewish sacred literalist law and customs. He ‘works’ and heals on the Sabbath, the holy day of rest (Luke 6:1-11), and hangs out with “sinners” from all walks of life such as the fishermen, tax collectors and prostitutes. Matthew 9:10.

The Sermon on the Mount

The Sermon on the Mount is considered to be Jesus’s longest and greatest public discourse. It contains many pearls of wisdom, including a lesson on Spiritual Anarchy.

A common theme throughout The Sermon is that the Kingdom of God stands over and is counter to the kingdom of this world. Matthew 5, 6 and 7. Accordingly, Jesus informs the people that he expects those who follow God over government to be persecuted by the state and religious powers just as the former prophets were. Matthew 5:11-12.

Jesus insisted that we can serve God (and God’s laws) only if we serve him alone. Matthew 6:24. He insists that we trust God, not the system, even for our necessities. Matthew 6:25-33. He likens those whose will is aligned with the Will of Creation as having built their house upon solid rock, and those who fail to take Right Action in their life as a “fool who built his house on sand.” Matthew 7:21-27.

The Religious Authorities and The State Conspired To Stop Jesus, and In Turn The Truth

As he cautioned during The Sermon on the Mount, Jesus again warns his disciples that should they adopt a Spiritual Anarchist way of life, expect to be targeted by the authorities: “They will flog you in their synagogues, and you will be dragged before governors and kings.” Matthew 10:17. Throughout history all who stood for truth, justice, freedom, peace and love suffered the same fate as Jesus, especially those individuals who were considered highly influential in society. Indeed, embarking on such a path while encouraging others to do the same is not welcomed by Religion and Government, does not bring about material riches, and is not for the faint of heart. However, by taking the “strait” gate and “narrow” way individuals discover their inner freedom and inner power, automatically making them a part of the solution.

Destructive Worldview #2: Money Has Value and is a Positive Tool

Correct Worldview: Money is an Illusion Yet Causes Great Suffering, and Therefore Must Go

“You say you don’t believe in magic? From the Monopoly man to J.P. Morgan, the classical banker’s outfit, from the tall hat to walking stick, is the same as a magician’s hat to his wand. Money is the rabbit in the hat, an illusion created by bankers who have occulted knowledge of not only the Laws of Nature but your psychology. Therefore, money is an illusion created from nothing, willed by mysterious men, to draw energy from those who believe it. Real blood, sweat, and tears are spilt everyday over money; an illusion. How magical is that?” – Doc De Lux

Like government, money is something most people fail to question the very nature of and accept its place in our world as immutable. The global perception of money is that it’s a medium of exchange for goods and services, and a store of value. Money, and the study thereof, is thought to be so complex that it should be left to certain groups of people, namely bankers, to control the issuance of money and monetary policies of whole nations. In our selfish, greedy world of suffering, money (namely the idea of money) needs serious reconsideration.

Money is considered the ‘medium’ or intermediary, a balance, between us and the things we need or wish. Money is also thought to be the energy source – the currency, or current – in the system. These notions are false. They’re smokescreens made up by the Rulers to get our minds associating money with something that actually has value, while thinking it’s a true medium of exchange or way to ‘balance’ one’s life. Therefore, money is falsely portrayed as a necessity to improve one’s life, and the acquisition of money is always seen as a positive act.

Like government, money does not exist in nature. Money has no actual value in our natural world. The value of money is based upon our belief that it’s actually worth something. In other words, it is our belief in money that gives it any power (many of you will identify this formula also applies to government). In essence, there is no difference between paper money and toilet paper other than the fact we’ve been conditioned not to wipe our asses with banknotes.

If money doesn’t exist in nature, then where does it come from? Simply and literally, money is created by banks out of nothing. This has been affirmed time and again by bankers and those in the financial industry.

“Banks create money. The manufacturing process to make money consists of making an entry in a book. That is all… Each and every time a Bank makes a loan… new Bank credit is created – brand new money.” – Graham Towers, Governor of the Bank of Canada (1935-1955), quoted in Someone Has To Print The Nation’s Money… So Why Not Our Government?, Monetary Reform Online, reprinted from Victoria Times Colonist, October 16, 1996

“It may not seem to make much sense, but banks actually “create” money when they lend it.” – Money and Banking, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas publication

“I am afraid the ordinary citizen will not like to be told that the banks can, and do, create money… And they who control the credit of the nation direct the policy of Governments and hold in the hollow of their hands the destiny of the people.” – Reginald McKenna, British Chancellor of the Exchequer, as quoted in Tragedy and Hope by Carroll Quigley

“… Some of these bankers acknowledge that this system where they get to create currency out of thin air is basically a corrupt system – a scam – but you’d have to be crazy not to participate in it.” – Mike Maloney, financial expert and author, speaking at the 8th Annual Russian Bankers Conference, June 2010

Given the fact that when a loan is taken out new money is created out of nothing (as explained above), it begs the question: who is the actual source of credit in such a system? The answer is that you are the source of credit for you, through your energy (blood, sweat and toil), are the only valuable consideration that is ever ‘put up’ or sacrificed. The individual is the true worth in this bogus system of credit money, and any other system for that matter.

Once again, we are the source energy and we give our power away to the false belief in money. Money is not a true medium as it does not serve as an intermediary or balancer of one’s life. Rather, money is the limiting agent that causes imbalance and great suffering.

The concept of money, including the control of the creation and distribution of money, is based upon the exploitation of human beings and the Earth. Like government, money is an ideology, a belief system of control built upon the fear of scarcity. Scarcity in this context means there is ‘not enough money’ circulating in the system thereby leading to a recession, and/or an individual does not have enough money. There is even the fear of scarcity concerning the things money buys, from consumer products to natural resources. Whether or not true scarcity exists, most of the things which are considered scarce are controlled by the Rulers who get to regulate how much of something is distributed. This false and engineered scarcity is intended to restrict our access to the things we need and want. Ultimately, the money system is built upon death and suffering and therefore our usage of money, thus our participation in such a system, aids and perpetuates this evil.

Although money is illusory, the immense suffering it causes is very real. Like government, the power and value of money lies in our belief, and our choice to give it legitimacy.

As long as money remains in our world it will be tremendously difficult for real change to take place. Many don’t want to hear this about money (or government for that matter), but it’s time to face and accept that it’s another belief system that does not serve us in a positive way. Of course there are those with either a lot of money or little to no money problems, those severely conditioned to believe money is something that cannot be eliminated from society, and those who choose to remain ignorant to the abovementioned problems in connection with money, who will claim it is neither positive nor negative but rather a tool. It’s a tool all right, a tool for exploiting, controlling and enslaving humans. All one has to do is genuinely look at the world and see how much suffering occurs because of money. On an individual level, suffering occurs when one doesn’t have enough of those so-called valuable pieces of paper. Money aids in manifesting all the ugly, negative aspects of this world: war, famine, poverty, selfishness, deceit, hate, envy, jealously, greed, and so on.

The money we use every day is nothing more than Monopoly money. Both involve playing a game of pretend. And like the board game, we can stand up anytime we choose and end the make-believe. Those who are living through the eyes of others, specifically the Rulers, are the ones who cannot envision a world without money, whose imagination and creativity has been so diminished, so boxed in, they fail to recognize their mind has been caged in. It doesn’t have to be like this. For starters, so much can be said in favor of good ole’ honest bartering and voucher systems between individuals where we trade our goods and services in ways other than exchanging banknotes. At a minimum, we should find ways to reduce our use of and dependency upon the Rulers’ money, lest we perpetuate our own enslavement.

“Money is a new form of slavery, and distinguishable from the old simply by the fact that it is impersonal – that there is no human relation between master and slave.” – Leo Tolstoy, What Is To Be Done?

The concept of money is immoral and extremely dangerous to humanity’s freedom and existence. Money is evil. Money must go.

Jesus and Money

Acknowledging that money has become the god of this world, Jesus spoke a simple but profound maxim to those who foolishly think they can follow God (and God’s laws) while living a life where accumulating money is an equally important, or a top, priority: “No one can serve two masters. He will either hate one and love the other, or be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.” Matthew 6:24. Jesus knew that many people sacrifice their loyalty to God, Morality, and their own self to obtain an illusory sense of security and happiness thought only to come about as a result of obtaining money. Jesus hoped everyone would see money for what it truly is and relegate it to a proper place so that it might lose its control and influence on our lives.

Government and Money Keep Us Fixed In Fear, Which Leads To Dis-ease

The ‘God’ of this planet has two heads: Government and Money. Here is the main reason why these two belief systems are destructive and must perish: Government and money keep us in a perpetual mind-state of ‘fight-or-flight’, which is our survival mode. This is described by neuroscience as the R-Complex or “Reptilian Brain.” In this state of mind, humans are subject to feelings of fear, anxiety and anger. It is true that these survival instincts serve their purpose. They help us to take appropriate action when faced with danger and emergent situations. However, and because our brain has other modes of thought in addition to the Reptilian mind, human beings are not to constantly remain functioning in this survival mode for the sheer fact it is not beneficial to our overall health and well-being. The everyday, nonstop anxiety associated with government and money in our lives results in the perpetuation of fear and promotion of disease. We literally become ‘dis-eased‘, and our life moves out of harmony and balance. Nutrition-minded, natural-based medical doctors and health-conscious individuals know that a major key to the prevention of disease is a strong immune system. Endless fear, anxiety, and anger severely stress and suppress our immune systems, ultimately promoting disease. Moreover, in such a fear-based state of consciousness largely generated by authority and money, humanity has become collectively incapable of expression to its fullest potential, and the opposite effect has resulted: slavery and cancer.


“Some readers may conclude that this book advocates a sort of idealism that may be impossible to achieve, but such is not the case. My dictionary defines idealism as “seeing things as they should be instead of as they are.” That kind of idealism is necessary to check idealism against reality and note the differences. When you do that, what you get is the objective for a practical plan of action. To deride that use of idealism is to say that things should be as they are instead of as they should be, no matter how terribly wrong they are.” – Richard W. Wetherill, Right is Might

Choosing not to be idealistic with respect to making the world a better place to live is the equivalent of ‘settling for less’ and ‘working with the cards we’ve been dealt’, rather than charting new courses and striving to achieve what we all know to be right, or that which should be. While it seems the dual-faced god that is money and government are forever assured in our lives, the simple truth is that at any time we can choose to stop believing in these harmful, exhausted ideas. We can realize government and money are merely mental constructs that we believe to be so real that they dominate our lives and throw us into chaos, while destroying the planet. We can refrain from giving these ideas our energy and support, acknowledge our individual sovereignty, and formulate other ways by which humans can peacefully, constructively, and lovingly co-exist. Consider this: Many of the earlier mentioned aspirations we collectively say we want for the world can be achieved right now were it not for government (working together with mega corporations) and money standing in our way. Humans are not short on ingenuity and skill, however we lack the ability to recognize and break down the true barriers on our evolutionary path which will only come about when we collectively understand our true nature and reinstitute true Morality into our world.

In Part 3 we will go beyond the external constructs of authority and money and discuss the ultimate cause of the world’s problems and our own problems, and how one powerful solution can solve them all.

*A note regarding Jesus: I’m very much aware there may not have existed a historical Jesus as relayed in The Bible. Also, I understand the Astro-Theology and Pagan mythology associated with Jesus as the allegorical Sun. ‘True Christians’ and others who are spiritually mature enough to possess an open mind and an open heart can look at these different aspects, or ideas, of Jesus without allowing their emotions to cloud their judgment and discernment of Truth. A ‘True Christian’ is not dissuaded by these various interpretations of Jesus, but rather embraces them and learns to understand and incorporate the deeper meanings of each different story into their own life, inclusive of their own convictions and understanding of Jesus.

In ancient times, a myth, or mythos (the Greek pronunciation from which the word is derived), did not mean something was not true in the way that it does today. On the surface, a myth was a charming story. But to those who were students, or accepted initiates (such as Plato and Pythagoras), of the Mystery schools of the mystical, inner teachings of life, a myth was a sacred puzzle that contained profound spiritual teachings. Plato once said, “It looks as if those also who established rites of initiation for us were no fools, but that there is a hidden meaning in their teachings.” The philosophers of the past did not interpret myths as literally true, but saw they were an introduction to the profound mystical teachings at the heart of the ‘Mysteries.’

I do not consider myself a Christian or follower or worshipper of Jesus, but rather a Christ as taught by Jesus and other Master Teachers. The teachings of Jesus as I have come to understand them – irrespective of whether he actually lived or not – are timeless, perennial and expressed throughout all spiritual traditions, each in their own customary fashion. The Truths ascribed to Jesus go back to antiquity, long before he was said to have been born. It matters not to me whether an actual Jesus ever walked the Earth. Such concern is trivial and foolishly takes away from the substance and meaning of the story and teachings of Jesus. After all, it’s the Truth messages contained within the story which is most important. As such, I try to align my life with those ‘eternal Truths’, those teachings which transcend Jesus, the Bible and religion, rather than concern myself with rigid dogma, ignorant literalism, pseudo-spiritualism and hero worship. In that sense I do follow Jesus – not the man but rather what he symbolizes: Truth, Freedom and Love.

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A Military Veteran’s Journey to Anarchism and a Law Degree (with Andrei Chira)(LUA Podcast #62)

By Liberty Under Attack

In this episode of Liberty Under Attack Radio, I’m joined by Andrei Chira, a co-host on The Seeds of Liberty Podcast.

His story is interesting.

He immigrated from Romania at a very young age with his parents to escape the scourge of communism. Oddly enough, he adopted national socialist ideals in high school and decided to join the military post-9/11. Around that time, he found Ron Paul and became a strict Constitutionalist, only to make the leap to anarchism soon after. Now, he is pursuing a law degree with hopes of creating a private arbitration firm, in the spirit of anarcho-capitalist ideals.

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    Narrow Target Radio - 12/13/17Tonight Mark talks about why he isn't going to be political on the show anymore and in the process, he gets political. Later he discusses carry options for when you are unable to carry normally. He tests drives the Versa Carry 2 with disastrous results. The topic migrates to the MSR concept, James Yeager, spotting shabby instructors and choosing a cartridge before ending the show. Narrow Target Radio is dedicated to personal enrichment through personal defense and personal liberty. Topics range from firearms, training, products and personal preparedness. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6bmuxf PRESS PLAY BUTTON BELOW FOR AUDIO VERSION Click for More about Narrow Target Radio LIVE: Wednesdays 10:00pm-12:00am [more]

    Narrow Target Radio - 12/06/17

    Narrow Target Radio - 12/06/17To start the show, Mark recaps what he has been doing on his hiatus from broadcasting. Later as the technical issues with the video feed subside, he demonstrates a great tool for at home firearms training to stay sharp through the winter, discusses mindset and its importance in regards to EDC and urban life and finally he finishes up with a new perspective on back up sights and shows a new product he has come to use as his standard back up sight. Narrow Target Radio is dedicated to personal enrichment through personal defense and personal liberty. Topics range from firearms, training, [more]

    Can A Country Survive With Open Borders? - Disassociation Nation - 11/28/16

    Can A Country Survive With Open Borders? - Disassociation Nation - 11/28/16Niz and Paul welcome Shane Radliff to talk about his Direct Action series and a discussion burning up the Liberty community, Muh Borders! It's Spy vs. Spy vs You as the UK sets up to pass the largest domestic spy legistaltion in Western History. What happened to Kanye West? We announce our Tyrant of the week, and find out what's in your Aloe Vera. Disassociation Nation reveals the sordid underbelly of the dystopian reality of the American Dream.  We explore that reality while examining the principles of liberty that could liberate us all from the coercive enterprise that is the United States [more]

    Disassociation Nation - Guests: Lousander Feen & Danny Roldan - 11/21/16

    Disassociation Nation - Guests: Lousander Feen & Danny Roldan - 11/21/16Tonight on Disassociation Nation, Niz and Paul we're joined by Danny Roldan former member of 'We are Change' and Lousander Feen one of the hosts from Freedom Feens. The conversation started with the anti-gun referendum before the conversation switches to a debate on minarchism versus anarchy and how to end the state.  We end the show with Lou, Niz and Paul discussing the EU's attempt to pull Britain back in and how decentralized technologies are undermining the myth of the state.   Disassociation Nation reveals the sordid underbelly of the dystopian reality of the American Dream.  We explore that reality while examining [more]

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